Monday, March 31, 2008

Renew My Life


Monday, March 24, 2008

Making Decisions...

In the face of making decisions, a few verses that I'm recently meditating on...

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and,
He delights in his ways..."

- Psalm 37:23

"A man's heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps"
- Pro 16:9

"Commit your works to the Lord,
And your thoughts will be established."

- Pro 16:3

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Bdae Pa!!!

My dad's bdae on "International Women's Day" (8th Mar)!

We used to tease him abt being born on "三八妇女节" Ha ha...
This year...I wrote him a card and took the whole family out for dinner. Simply LOVE my dad!

Share with you somethg abt him k?

He started working when he's very young...

He was a BUN-MAKER for 20++years and used to work long hours.... 7 days a week!

After his health gave him some warning signals, he finally left the job and helped out my mum & relatives in their joint-venture precision engineering biz.

What makes him so GREAT?

- He's a DILIGENT guy.
He works very hard to provide for the family and give us a comfortable life.

- He READS a lot.
During his free time, you can see him with his glasses, glued to the newspapers.
He never misses a single day edition of "新民日报" unless he's overseas.
He's up-to-date about the current affairs and is pretty knowledgeable about the political figures and situation around the world.

He keeps his promises.
Whatever this man says, he does it!
Whenever he is trusted with anything, you can count on him to do the job well!

During one ladies' chat with Mum, I asked teasingly, "What do you like about Dad?"
She answered sweetly... "He helped me out at home"

How true is it!

When both of them return home frm work, Mum'll start preparg dishes in the kitchen while Dad'll take out e broom to sweep e floor.
Once done, he will join my mum in the kitchen, helping her cut the veges, slice the meat, wash the utensils etc.
Both of them will then chit-chat and joke with each other while preparing dinner.

I guess they show their love for each other by ACTION more than words...

When I was having dinner with them last night, Dad saw my metallic purplish bronze mani + pedicure and let out a chuckle...

He commented that the color is a bit "FUNNY"... It reminded him of a bruised finger that he suffered a few years ago when a door accidentally slammed onto his fingers... -_-"

Mum threw him a "You-Dunno-How-To-Appreciate-It" look and smiled at me...

In the end, the 3 of us went LAUGHING at the dinner table.


I'm very blessed to have such GOOD earthly parents.

I admit sometimes I actually unintentionally raise my tone at their nagging.
Hmm....It hurts them. And when that happens, they keep quiet.
It is their SILENCE that convicted my heart and I will end up apologizing... love & cherish them even more...

They are 58 years old now...
Looking at their wrinkled face... you will somehow guess that their journey have been a long and tiring one...

Like most children... I want to give my parents a BETTER life...

Also...I'm prayg that they'll come this EASTER... *Family Salvation*

Really want them to EXPERIENCE the LOVE of GOD as well!

Pa & Ma.... I LOVE YOU!!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

He Forgives...

Click to see video >> "He Forgives..."

"...that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be STRENGTHENED with might through His Spirit in the inner man,

that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love,

may be able to COMPREHEND with all the saints what is the WIDTH and LENGTH and DEPTH and HEIGHT to know the LOVE of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the FULLNESS of God."
- Eph 3:16-19

He Knows...

God knows what you're going through...
Dun give up on Him cos He never gives up on you.
Come back to His hug...

Click to see video>> "He Knows..."

"And not only that, but we also Glory in Tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces PERSEVERANCE; and perseverance, CHARACTER; and character, HOPE. Now Hope Does Not Disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. "
- Rom 5:3-5

"For if our heart condemns us, God is GREATER than our heart, and KNOWS all things. Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God"
- 1 John 3: 20-21

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahhhhhh!!!! Lizard!!!!!!

Worked a bit late today...

After facgg the monitor 4 some time, I decided to give my eyes some REST.
Was looking around... n I saw a LIZARD hangg from a stack of books!!!

I SHRIEKED, pushed back my chair and quickly STOOD UP on my feet!!!

Can't believe what I've just seen!!!

LIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's so CLOSE!!!!!!!

Furthermore, it has frightening BLACK patches all over... Eeeeee...... So GROSS!!!

"What did the lizard eat that make it look like this???"

"Which species does this lizard belong to???"

O mine........!!!!!!!!

I CRIED for help!

Quickly went over to a nearby colleague...

"Alex, are you scared of lizard?"

He replied, "Nope..."

"Can you help me to catch one?"

He bravely stepped over to my desk...

Looking intensely at the lizard, he hoped to catch it FAST & QUICK w/o giving a slip.

Suddenly, his gaze relaxed...

"Joanne, the lizard's FAKE!!!"

He GRABBED the lizard and wanted to throw it at me!

I RAN!!!

Better SAFE than SORRY!!!!!!!!!

He then put it on the floor and gestured me to come forward...

I'm not convinced!

He laughed and hang the lizard back to its original position again...

Went back to my desk, took slow & intimidated steps towards the lizard...

It's really...... FAKE!!!

Arrghh...... Uncle Andrew.... I "KILL" you tomorrow!!!



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Bdae Yan Ming!!!

After Sun service, we went to Fish & Co (Dhoby Ghaut) to eat!

Most of us ordered Seafood Platter while the bros ordered New York Fish & Chips. Happily chatting while enjoying our food...

Towards the end, the Fish & Co Manager & staff came forward and asked WHO's THE BIRTHDAY BOY in the house!!!

We all cried out, "VINCENT!"

Yan Ming (Vincent) was then made to STAND on the chair.

Light a sparkler...

And the whole group of us, together with the Fish & Co staff sang him a BIRTHDAY SONG!

After the song, when you thought everythg had ended, Yan Ming was made to blow candle from where he was standing!!! *So FUNNY*


It was NOT EASY because of the distance... and he took a few attempts before finally blowing out the candle. Good work bro!


By the way... This is Yan Ming's signature "SUNSHINE" look!
Look at how he SQUEEZES his eyes and how WIDE is his smile.

No one by far... can make such a look as EXPRESSIVE as his...
We were TEASING him about this and he SPORTINGLY posed for us!!! Ha ha!!!


Happy Bdae Bro!!! We LOVE you!!!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Night Cycling- Iron Man edition!

Night Cycling RETURNED...after 2 months!
This is slightly different compared to the previous one.
This round is packed with Four Station Games in between!

Cycling Route- Siglap>> ECP>> Coastal Stretch>> Changi Park
The entire length is about 25km!!!
Game Station 1- "Intial- B"
Game Station 2- "Lost"
Game Station 3- "Prison Break"
Game Station 4- "Jumper"

Game Station 1- "Intial- B"
Cyclists need to WEAVE their bikes in and out without touching the line of cones.
In the process, they have to transport a cup of water which is clipped with their teeth.

Game Station 2- "Lost"
Players are BLINDFOLDED, depend on their partner's vocal commands to find treasure and NAVIGATE their way out of the maze- at the shortest, possible time!

Game Station 3- "Prison Break"
Players need to answer questions correctly before they get a chance to UNLOCK the locks.

Game Station 4- "Jumper"
Players need to answer questions correctly as they alternately JUMP over the swinging rope.
I am in charge of the station "LOST".
It is a maze where 3 players are BLINDFOLDED while the rest 3+ give vocal commands to help their partners find treasure and navigate their way out of the maze, filled w "POTHOLES" n "SPRINKLES"...
In the process, they cannot neither touch the boundaries nor bump into one another. If so, they have to go back from the starting point again!
Upon a successful exit, each player will then light up a SPARKLER to celebrate VICTORY!!!
I enjoy seeing the people play the game.
They SURPRISED me with many strategies to help their partners get out of the maze.
Here are some...
1. The Clapper!
Commander will clap hands in front of the blindfolded player and lead him/her by the clapping sound.
Reminds me of how Benny Hinn cleverly test the healing of the hearing-impaired.
2. The Cha-Cha!
Blindfolded player takes 1-step forward, 2-steps back, 3-steps ahead etc... and he/she really looks like having a good time dancing!
3. The Clock!
Blindfolded player will join their outstretched hands and move according to the position of the clock hand.
e.g. 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock
On one occasion, the commander got carried away and shouted excitedly "Ahh... Ahh...Turn 90-degree... Turn 90-degree!"
The blindfolded asked... "Clockwise or anti-clockwise?"

Another commander seems to FEEL for the blindfolded player more than him/herself.
He/she goes, "Left... Left a bit... Be careful... Be careful... Aiyo...Aiyo... No no no..."

If you are watching the game, you will have TREMENDOUS FUN!
The game masters Jerb, Minghui, Bernice and I, with the players went CACKLING with LAUGHTER!!!
Overall, each team took about 5-12 mins to complete the game.
Amidst of all the fun, you can easily spot who is a D,I,S,C type leader. :)
Each style is different and ultimately, all lead their partner out of maze! *YEAH*

After abt. 6hrs+ of cycling, most reach Changi Village ard 6a.m.+.
The cyclists are ALL BEAT!!!
When the photographer wants to gather the ppl together. He finds it difficult cos it seems quite a chore for the cyclist even to shift the bum. Ha ha...

I must admit this is REALLY for the iron man!!! Well done all!!!
A round of applause esp. for my cg IRON MEN and WOMEN...

1) Li Jun

2) Moses,

3) Ronald

4) Stanley,

5) Steffy,

6) Yan Ming.

So proud of you guys!!!

This is tough X10 but you all MADE IT!!!

It really speaks of your STRENGTH and TENACITY!!!

An ACHIEVEMENT which you can proud of! Truly UNFORGETTABLE isn't it?

(Kudos guys!!!)


Waiting for more photos to be posted! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Bdae Shiying!

We celebrated Shiying's bdae at Shokudo Japanese Food Bazzar just now!

This girl is really interesting... She looks quiet... but when she is on stage, you will see another side of her- She really goes "ALL-OUT"!!! (You shld catch her in action in "Grease" musical man... ... Absolutely gorgeous!)

Ha ha... Hope to know you more dear...
Here are some of our shots...

Guess what?

The lights went flashing one after another.

All of us were excitedly takg photos with our camera phones until the candle became shorter and shorter...

Here's the bdae girl finally makg her wish...

She's so sweet... actually wore the pink top & heart necklace that we bought for her...

Happy Bdae Shiying!

Well... It seems that we do not have enough of the night yet...

Kaiyi proposed one whacky idea to pose for more pics...

( Yan Ming... What are you doing? Left & right... :) Ha ha... )

We had FUN tdy and everyone really tried to be there for one another!!!

So proud of you guys!

It's 1:50a.m. now... Before I go off... here's a shot of Nathan!

(Do you sleep like him? :P )

This boy is getting cuter and CUTER!!!
Durg meetg yday, he was happily walking around with his protruding stomach! And one of the leaders teasingly mentioned that he looked like "Care Bear"!!!

Hee Hee......... :)

All right! That's all for the night!

Good Byeeee.....

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Inventions!

I love to check out NEW things!


It is a white write-on/ wipe-off panel with a CLOCK in the middle.

You can write messages beside the relevant hour or time span.
Useful for organizing time and share info with co-workers! :)


This is somethg thought of... by Nokia and Cambridge University.


The new concept phone is currently on display at “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition in New York City!

This is made by using nanotechnology, and demonstrates how cell phones in the future can be STRETCHED and BENT into DIFFERENT SHAPES.

The flexibility enables users to “morph” their devices!!!

Imagine wearing your cell phone as a BRACELET? :p

Look at this HANDSFREE umbrella!!!
Would you use it while walking down the streets of Orchard Road?

For the gamers out there!!!
Alienware shows off their curved DLP display!

The ideal viewing position is abt two feet away.

This is probably the BEST monitor for games like 3D shooting, racing etc.

But what if you are OUTDOOR...???

You may like to consider this head-mounted heaven!

You can plug in your favorite video game console, sit back... and indulge in your game!

These goggles are PORTABLE as it can be battery-charged. This means that you can wear them around... in the MRT or on the treadmill etc? :)


After being "glued" to the monitor for quite a while... Is your seat getting a bit warm?

No frets! Here's our HELP!!!

The cushion is made from “natural minerals,” which produces a cooling effect when melting. The minerals will then regenerate automatically when stored in a cool place.

How do you like them??? :p

I love inventions cos they make our life easier...