Thursday, February 26, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


A busy day at work yesterday!

Stepping out from e office, an unexpected RAINBOW greeted me! That really lifted up my spirit! Hee.. I was reminded of a song… ”There is sunshine after the rain…”

It’s amazing how God uses little encouragement like this to cheer us up!

I’m sure this rainbow delighted many others as well!

Anyway, I have just finished a 10-week “Getting Started” BS with the current Wed batch.

Catching a free Wed evening before the next batch begins, I watched “Slumdog Millionaire”! A great show!

I have always like to see a different side of the world & life!

Unsure about your afterthoughts… I come back, especially loving my 1st brother and my parents even more… In fact, they were the 1st few ppl I prayed for during QT.

A loving family makes HEAVEN on earth.

God, I thank YOU for them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sea Urchin!!!

sea urchin

Some time back, my friends & I popped by Pasta Café for dinner.

It is a nice restaurant located at the basement of Takashimaya.

From the classy menu, I ordered a 1+1+1 combo set which consists of Lobster Salad + Spaghetti in Uni sauce + Beef Gratin (baked rice with melted cheese crust. All for $22.90+.

The word “UNI” means sea urchin and the server warned that the dish might taste rather fishy.

Curious, I went ahead.

The food arrived shortly… While I was focusing on the Beef Gratin, my friend Sharlyn tried the “talked-about” Spaghetti in Uni sauce, only to return a wrinkled & pathetic look on her face.

Is it really that bad?

My turn to try…

Before putting it into my mouth, I can already smell its PUNGENT “aroma” from a distance!

I nearly wanted to spit it out as soon as the spaghetti met my taste buds. But restraining from doing so, I forced the portion down my throat.

The taste is EXTREMELY fishy and until now, I can still remember this DISTINCTIVE taste in my mouth!

I gave up after TWO bites!


(L- Spag in Uni sauce (seems untouched), R- Beef Gratin (Finished!)

I did a little study about sea urchin and found out that these small, globular spiny sea creatures are pretty popular in Japan and Italy!
In fact, most are carefully harvested to served as a delicacy!
Many others love to eat it FRESH from the sea!


Perhaps, you are wondering… How to eat the sea urchin?

Well… These spiny little balls are cracked open and served belly up.


Next, scrape up these orange, sea-perfumed stuff with a spoon and bite!

A video clip on the the actual opening…!

Here is Uni sushi…


Let me end off with a video on two men eating Uni sushi.

Go try it yourself and share with me your comments!

Lian>> You like Japanese food right?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teasire Cafe!


My sec friends & I had a night’s out at Teasire Cafe last Sunday!

It is located at E!hub, Downtown East!

The cafe introduces an interesting selection of fanciful drinks and offers a mix of Asian & Western cuisine.

We ordered main courses like Norwegian Salmon Fillet ( I like it!!!), Cray Fish Hor Fun, Black Pepper Chicken and finger food like Potato Wedges, Mushroom Fritters, Fried Chicken Wings, etc.

Tasty food at affordable price in a cosy setting…

We will go back again! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

iWorship 101

I was blown away by the worship leadg class w Bro Poh last Thur!

Before going, my heart was already full of anticipation to CATCH something from this "Miracle Man". (not electricity current but sparks of anointing in worship)

The class began by worshipping God.

Many teared as the music ministers to us…
As the guitar was played on stage, I can feel WAVES of love RIPPLING }}}}} towards me.

In the sharing, Bro Poh poured out a lot of his personal experiences & insights, coupled with a twist of humor... that got us laughing!

Things I learnt…
- “Talent Attracts Talent!”
- “Do not limit God”
- “New things bring new breakthroughs”
- “WMA” vs “MP3” format
- Dun be a “one-time wonder”
- Keep on progressing (e.g. Don Moen is still writing songs, one can try mastering new chords etc.)

He emphasized both skills & spirituality are equally important and he playfully related basic four chord strumming with a “Take Me Home, Country Roads” song. Haha… Oops!

Offering help… he shared a few guitar-playing techniques that easily add “life & variety” to the same song.

I reached home near midnight and before going to bed, I spent some time with God.

Taking out my guitar (which was left on the shelf for weeks…), I began to play "My Life, Your Song" with my limited guitar chords & “cannot-make-out-what-is-it” sound…


The lyrics spoke LOUDER than the “music”…
What touched me that night was in the line…

"My whole world, Your design...
You're always there... Just right behind... …
My life… is Your song... "

I thought about certain things in my life…
And tears began to well up in my eyes and overflow down the cheeks...
It was a good time soaking in His presence…

Worship was great during cg later in the evening!
I shared with the members about class w Bro Poh n my satisfyg QT…

As we sang... presence of God was strong & tangible!
A while later, I opened my eyes and saw ALL the members (even the 2-weeks “young” ones) outstretch their arms, worship the Lord, engage in the spirit.
It is a BEAUTIFUL sight… *love*

Can't wait for more impartation this coming Thur's iworship 101!!!

One word to sum up... INSPIRED!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Over the Weekend...

Vernice's weddg luncheon at Amara Hotel on Saturday.

(Solemnization in the pavilion!)

0 (Bride's Bdae surprise for Groom!)

(Together w Serena, Zoey and Ginny)
After the wedding, I went home to change before gg to Boss' place for CNY gathering!

His 3rd child NADINE!

Throughout the whole evening, Nadine kept kicking her legs in circular motion.
We were wonderg if this was e result of her recent "swimmg lesson".
Check out the video!
She looks very cute w her head poppg out of the water!

Water baby from Edmund tay on Vimeo.

The next day after svc, cg went to "Happy Pay Steamboat", together with the rest of subzone and Jerb's!

The crowd played a eating competition, out of which, Xiao Lu (the one in yellow) emerged as the winner!

He did not chew his food. He GULPED them like water! ^o*

Back home after steamboat, I received a pleasant surprise!
Little shoes at my door step which means kids at home!!! :) Yeah!!!
Here's my photo w the Kids, Kerene, Krystal and Kris!
The three siblings have the same big round eyes w that innocent look!
Simply love them!!!