Monday, February 2, 2009

Over the Weekend...

Vernice's weddg luncheon at Amara Hotel on Saturday.

(Solemnization in the pavilion!)

0 (Bride's Bdae surprise for Groom!)

(Together w Serena, Zoey and Ginny)
After the wedding, I went home to change before gg to Boss' place for CNY gathering!

His 3rd child NADINE!

Throughout the whole evening, Nadine kept kicking her legs in circular motion.
We were wonderg if this was e result of her recent "swimmg lesson".
Check out the video!
She looks very cute w her head poppg out of the water!

Water baby from Edmund tay on Vimeo.

The next day after svc, cg went to "Happy Pay Steamboat", together with the rest of subzone and Jerb's!

The crowd played a eating competition, out of which, Xiao Lu (the one in yellow) emerged as the winner!

He did not chew his food. He GULPED them like water! ^o*

Back home after steamboat, I received a pleasant surprise!
Little shoes at my door step which means kids at home!!! :) Yeah!!!
Here's my photo w the Kids, Kerene, Krystal and Kris!
The three siblings have the same big round eyes w that innocent look!
Simply love them!!!

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