Friday, January 25, 2008

Itchy, Scratchy!!!

I was randomly flipping the papers after dinner.

About an hour later... I started sneezing non-stop.

The running nose was like a TAP that could not be TURNED OFF.
I kept plucking fresh tissues to rub away the mucus.
Shortly, I found myself scratchg my hands and feet like a monkey!!! Looking at the mirror, my face was like lobster-red and my whole body had red patches all over!
Ooo.... This is serious!
Couldnt bear it any longer, I asked my parents to drive me to a nearby 24-hrs clinic.

At the clinic, the doctor asked me a series of questions like... "What did you eat? Are you allergic to anything? etc."
After hearing my answers, the doctor concluded that the "culprit" must be either the 2-3 weeks old newspapers or the new shower foam that I had tried.

The itch was sooooo UNBEARABLE that I followed my dad's advice to ask for an injection.

The doctor stood up, peered over his glasses, and spoke with a fierce tone... "Do you want to die early? Why do Singaporeans always want injection? It is not necessary and is very costly!"

Hearing a reply like this, I froze.

For a moment, I thought my itch was all gone...

What a reply from a doctor whom most generally expect TLC
(Tender Loving Care) from...

Anyway, I was happy to hear his answer cos I dislike injections!
Ha ha...

While he was busy getting medicine for me, I decided to try my luck again...

"Erm... Doctor... How abt some anti-itch cream?"

Guess his reply???

Just take my medicine and you will be all right!!!"

I reached home ard 12 midnight, took medicine while cryg out for help... "Ma... Wo Zhen De Hen Yang... Ze Mo Ban?"
(Ma... I'm really feelg very itchy! How?)

And this sweet mum of mine went into the room and resourcefully came out with a bottle of MENTHOL POWDER!!!

YEAH! That will do the trick!

I spread the powder all over my body and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and was relieved that my itch and running nose were gone!

Worried about my skin, I quickly checked for scratch marks...

NONE!!! Except for some light red spots which I think would fade within a few days!

Praise the Lord!!! I'm well!

Got up quickly and left home for work!

Well... Dr. Charles Loo from 6-10 clinic created a saga years ago for his directness. People actually compained about his attitude to the press and his "bad name" is esp. well-known around my neighbourhood.

If I remember correctly, he made a comment in the papers that patients should trust his professionalism and stop telling him- a doctor what he should do. It should be the other way round.

I consulted Dr. Loo a few times before and I believe he has medical reasons for his strong stand. One thing I must add... his medicine is pretty effective and his advice works!

Perhaps we should just give this guy a break! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Worship- Fall in This Place

Take me to the place Lord
Where there’s nothing else but me and You
Longing for Your presence
I know that You are calling me to You

Pre Chorus
Here I stand
And long for Your embrace
Nothing else
Could ever take Your place

Come Holy Spirit
Fall in this place
I need more and more of You
Fill me again with the power of Your Spirit
Lord I’m crying out for
More and more of You

Lord I’m crying out for
More and more of You (Oh)

Chords :

I need Him even more...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Night Cycling!


NEW year... NEW things!

1st cg in 2008!

Some of the leaders & I decided to organize something NEW for our members & frenz!

We held a combined cgm, followed by NIGHT CYCLING!

Cg- Steph (N178), Joseph (N233), Garvin (N391), and my cg (N351).

Venue- "Aquarius By The Park" (oppo Bedok Reservoir)

Here is MY CG durg fellowship...


We tried the NEW Eastern Coastal Park Connectors Network!

Launched just a month ago in Dec '07, this 42-km network links up popular beach parks in the eastern part of Spore.

Altogether, 40 of us embarked on this Night Cycling journey!
(35 cyclists and 5 non-cyclists) and here's the program...


Route: B, C, D, E, F.
Time: 11a.m. - 5a.m. (with abt 20-min break at intervals)

Start Pt.: Bedok Reservoir Park
End Pt.: East Coast Park to see SUNRISE! (ha ha!!!)

We rented the bikes at $12 each (fee includes sendg & pickg up of bikes... Garv's lobang)

While some were testing and choosing their preferred bikes, the rest were already pedalling around the park. We simply cant wait to set off!

B: Tampines Park Connector (Bedok-Tampines-Pasir Ris) 5.4km
This is a residential area, filled with quite a no. of traffic lights.

We past by a BIG POND and saw many people doing NIGHT FISHING. Hee... Probably the fishes would be SCARED OFF by this group of bikers ZOOMING by in the middle of a quiet night!

Many dismounted and pushed the bikes up the slope in order to conserve energy.

Our reward?

A THRILLING, downslope ride! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........

C: Pasir Ris Park Connector (Downtown East - Start of Loyang) 2.3km
The enthusiasm level remained HIGH!

All of us moved off PRETTY FAST sfter our 1st break!

However, the motion SLOOOWED DOWN in unison when we approached the end of this stretch.

The moment you thought all bikes were gone???

Amusingly from afar...... you can see a batch of bikes, with flickering red lights, moving sloooowly up the slope.

This stretch is a KILLER.

We exerted a lot of energy to peddle the bikes upslope.

Some got off and pushed the bikes up the slope instead.

Despite the hardship, all remained DETERMINED to get to the next point!


D: Loyang Park Connector (Loyang - Changi Village) 3.4km
In this route, we had to occasionally bend down our head, to avoid hitting the long "arching" branches extending to the pavement.

Gotta be CAREFUL!

Otherwise your face will get SLAPPED by the hanging leaves and this will really WAKE YOU UP! ;p

E: Changi Park Connector (CV to Changi Beach Park) 1.5km
We rested here for 30mins, took a drink and ate peanut butter bread.

Some bought Pocky from the nearby 7-11. How many of you remember an old-time funny Pocky advertisement...
"Cho-ka-lat or Strawww-berry?"

F: Coastal Park Connector (Changi Beach Park - Start of East Coast Park) 7.9km
This route is SMOOTH and EVEN!

BUT... very, very loooooooooong... Almost NEVER-ENDING!

We took the loooongest time to finish this stretch!

Almost an HR+...!!!

Everyone just switched to "autopilot" mode and kept on going, encouraging one another..... :)

During the journey, our spirits get LIFTED UP by the occasional visits of planes LANDING or TAKING OFF!

We were sooo CLOSE to the planes! They just FLEW above our head. :)

Z: East Coast Stretch (Start of ECP - McDonald's) 4.5km (est.)
This is my most ENJOYABLE route.

You hear the sound of WAVES crashing the shore, feel the gentle SEA BREEZE and know in your heart you are reaching the finishing point soon!

All these just CHEER YOU ON!

After all our hard work, we finally smelt VICTORY!

The familiar and long-awaited smell of... McDonald's!

We were OVER THE MOON when we saw the BRIGHT & CHEERY yellow "M" SMILING at us!

"It's myyyyy McDonald's!

Nothing beats having BIG BREAKFAST meal and hot coffee at 5a.m. after a long 6-hrs cycling. Some even ordered a 2nd helping of Sausage McMuffin!

Yes! We need A LOT OF FOOD to replenish our energy! Hee...

Most of us COMPLETED the NIGHT CYCLING journey!

WOW.... It is really NOT EASY!

35 cyclists on the road for 6hrs!

Possessing the "Never-Say-Die" attitude,

DETERMINED to CONQUER the 25-km stretch!!!


(the coastal park stretch)

(a plane on its way to LAND @ Changi airport... it was ZOOMING past so it's difficult to capture a clear image)

A special THANKS to Keith who sacrificed sleep to drive e safety vehicle in order 2 attend 2 anyone who needs help.

He wore a shirt "Giving My Best"!

The grey prints added on to say "Nothing is ever Impossible"!

Keith! Are you trying to tell us something? Ha Ha!

Nah... It is Keith's kind nature to help and he does it w/o expecting anything in return. Commendable virtue!

And also not forgettg Preedee and our new fren Novi!

Both are not able to cycle well but they still tagged along in the vehicle to CHEER us on!

They even volunteered to be the "Safety Man" and "Safety Woman".

(Here is our shy Pree, going around to collect the unwanted cups aft the cyclists finished their orange drinks! *Awww* Love ya bro!)

This Night Cycling is a SUCCESS! Thank God!

No RAIN! Praise God!

Here's a glimpse of the SUNRISE...A BRAND-NEW DAY!!!

(Everyone is tired but HAPPY!)

And you know what???

Earlier this week, some of us have an ADVENTURE while carrying out the RECCE.

On TUE night, we went to TEST the route first.

Unfortunately, It started POURING b4 we can even set off frm Pasir Ris Park!

We were STUCK IN THE RAIN with our already-rented bikes.

Left with no choice, we decided to wait for the rain to stop.

While waiting, we bought cup noodles to feed our hungry stomach. Here we are... eat the hot, steaming noodles in the cold weather. *Yummy!!!*

An hr later, the rain subsided!

As we were about to move off, the uncle in the shop shouted "WAIT!"

He thrusted some TRASH BAGS to us, saying that it could SHELTER US FROM RAIN!

We thanked him for his kind gesture but were HESITANT to put it on cos we would look real AWKWARD & FUNNY!

However, due to the HEAVY rain and the fact that we hd no umbrella, we accepted the offer. Giggling like little kids... we began poking our head & arms through the bags!

Amazingly, these trash bags really WORKED to SHELTER us from rain and keep us warm!

Along the way, we saw some cyclists wearing the same "costumes" like us.

They were even more "PRO".

The costumes were NICELY FOLDED and were LONG enough to cover the cyclist's knees!

Ravi joked that these people are one of us.

He cried out "See you on Fri!"

(our make-do raincoat!)

It was FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the rain didn't seem to stop!

In desperation, we had a mini PM at one of the bus stops in Changi Beach Park, crying out "God... STOP the rain!"

The rain did stopped gradually! Praise Him!

As we rode along the coastal stretch, we could see PLANES TAKG OFF every 5 mins!


To create fun, some of us even waved bye bye to e planes! Ha ha.

We were so RELIEVED when we reached McDonald's @ECP. Hungrily, we ordered set meals.

All of us hd HOT Milo except for Ravi who preferred his 2b COLD! (Cold Milo in a cold weather? Take my hat off you Ravi!)

While enjoying our food, we freaked out at the thought of cycling back to Pasir Ris Park to return the bikes.

Garv rang Sijia who graciously picked us up and sent us to Pasir Ris Park! So grateful to her!

Both Steph and I sat in front while the bros took the back seat. It started drizzling again and the poor bros were CUDDLING under one umbrella.

All of us were SHIVERING when we returned to Pasir Ris Park.

Aaron even had a "freeze attack". His legs were so NUMB that the bros need to carry him out of the vehicle.

Fortunately, the bicycle vendor gave us some HOT water to drink and after feeling so much warmer, we went home.

Most of us reached home around 5a.m.

CYCLING with our BLACK TRASH BAGS costumes,

dun u think we look like the pic below?

(ha ha... Yea! E.T. adventure!)

Aaron, Garv, JonChoo, Ravi, Steph and I cycled 45km this week!

20km on Tue, 25km on Fri... Ha ha! Unbelievable!!!

It was truly an UNFORGETTABLE adventure for us in JAN' 08.

Looking forward for many EXCITING things to come in the remaining months!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Chanced upon this song today… “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”
(Our very own Pst. Kong's version! Click the link on the right column)

Plugging my ear phones into the CPU, I began to hear this song repeatedly while doing my work.
And the PRESENCE OF GOD just comes in a whoosh!

I am indeed very BLESSSSSSSSED.

Sniffing silently in the office, I told myself that I will not exchange His presence for anything else.

Unsure what situation you are in now…

You may feel there is a heavy weight upon your shoulders. But if you would just look upon the LOVING EYES of Jesus, it seems that He is saying… “It’s ok, child...I understand”

His re-assuring smile just settles it all.

Enjoy His presence…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His Glory and Grace
I have come to bow down
At your feet Lord Jesus
In Your presence
There is fullness of joy
There is nothing, there is no one
To compare with You
I take pleasure in worshipping,
I take pleasure in worshipping,
I take pleasure in worshipping you Lord

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank You!

2007 has been an eventful yr for me!

This is the year where I was promoted to cgl, enrolled in SOT, and stepped out to do many NEW THINGS!

Thank God for the privilege to SHEPHERD different ones placed in my care, and what a JOY to see them GROW and havg their lives TRANSFORMED! It was also exciting to in action to organize events like Leader's Outg at Hong Lim Park, "Purple Chase", and the recent "Breakaway Camp"! In the midst of all, there were many
UPs & DOWNs but by the grace of God, I made it through!

Wanna take this chance to THANK you guys for being part of my life!

CG- N351 ... All of you hv been a JOY to me!
Aaron- the "Obed-Edom"... owaz ready to serve!

Anna- beauty queen... cha cha cha...continue to love God more!
Amelia- thoughtful & sensitive to ppl's needs
Bianca- quest for reasong & understandg
Chin Ming- "xiao quan quan"... yr excitement for games
Johnson- the "rocker"... u've been a joy
Lusi- my cheerleader... appreciate yr efforts to make thgs happen!
Preedee- the "Po"... Eh-oh! random words of inspiration
Steffy- my sunshine! Tks for preparg refreshment too!
Stella- sweet & forever inquisitive girl... love yr smile!
Tommy- quiet & gentle nature

Van- full of love... U design beautiful song sheets & cards!
William- U never fail to amuse me w yr random sense of humour!
Xiao Lii- artistic

Yi Chao- helpful... love yr smile too!
Yongwei- consistent & punctual

LEADERS & HELPERS ... Owaz INSPIRG & CHEERG one another to love God & dream BIG 4 Him!
Bro Ed- yr solid!!! leadership... I learnt a lot from you!
Sis Jiahui- yr words of wisdom
Amber- lovg & humorous
Bernice- steady...
Del- sweet & gentle
Charles- therapeutic
EdTan- humorous... Tks 4 co-ordinatg the manpower arrangement!
Garv- for being a good sport of my constant teasing

Jared- wise planner! U make thgs happen!
Jerb- woman of strength & substance
Jinlian- gentle & lovg
Joe- enthusiastic & on fire for the Lord
Joseph- humorous & entertaing!
Juner- sincere & humorous (faster than DHL? Hee...)
Kailin- owaz tryg yr best!
Keith- generous & kind-natured
Lucas- ever so bright & cheery!

Michele- gentle & sophisticated
Minghui- chirpy
Shing- young & promising
Steph- owaz so cool & steady
Suting- sunshine! Gettg brighter... I must use shades now... Hee
Zhifu- humorous (still rem yr funny wish list)

Em- for bringg me to church
Meiling- for helpg me to know God more
Esther- for layg a STRONG foundation of my Christian faith
Jen- for your LOVE

FAMILY ... creatg such a LOVG & COZY home
1st bro "Ah Qiang"- Yr life is an inspiration to me!
2nd bro Ryan - "Macho bro"...Tks for e lift to AMK durg Hari Raya... Know u r tired...

Aunt- for blessg me w this Fujitsu lap top... makes thgs so much easier...
Pa & Ma - for being so patient, supportive & sacrificing! Bearg with my occasional "idiosyncrasy" Hee...
U have SHOWN me what LOVE is.

and most importantly, GOD for your STRENGTH & GRACE to sustain me through 2007!

After doing an evaluation... I realised I have achieved near 70% of my goals in 2007! Yipee!

A brief look back...
2003- A year of ACHIEVEMENTS!
Made business trips to 7 cities in China within 2 months...
Out of the ppl I brought to church, 2 PRC students stayed... went SOT w me this yr and currently doing a great work, impactg the Chinese-speakg community!

2004-2005- A HUMBLING yr...
Excelled in Usher ministry. Managed a team of 15 ushers.
Learnt > abt leadership...

2006- A shift of FOCUS
Came out from Usher ministry (in which I have been in for 5+ yrs) to serve more in CG.
Have a lot of my character flaws corrected...

"His grace & strength is indeed made sufficient in my weaknesses"

Just finished settg NEW GOALS in 2008 and am UPBEAT abt the new yr!

2008... Here I COME!