Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank You!

2007 has been an eventful yr for me!

This is the year where I was promoted to cgl, enrolled in SOT, and stepped out to do many NEW THINGS!

Thank God for the privilege to SHEPHERD different ones placed in my care, and what a JOY to see them GROW and havg their lives TRANSFORMED! It was also exciting to in action to organize events like Leader's Outg at Hong Lim Park, "Purple Chase", and the recent "Breakaway Camp"! In the midst of all, there were many
UPs & DOWNs but by the grace of God, I made it through!

Wanna take this chance to THANK you guys for being part of my life!

CG- N351 ... All of you hv been a JOY to me!
Aaron- the "Obed-Edom"... owaz ready to serve!

Anna- beauty queen... cha cha cha...continue to love God more!
Amelia- thoughtful & sensitive to ppl's needs
Bianca- quest for reasong & understandg
Chin Ming- "xiao quan quan"... yr excitement for games
Johnson- the "rocker"... u've been a joy
Lusi- my cheerleader... appreciate yr efforts to make thgs happen!
Preedee- the "Po"... Eh-oh! random words of inspiration
Steffy- my sunshine! Tks for preparg refreshment too!
Stella- sweet & forever inquisitive girl... love yr smile!
Tommy- quiet & gentle nature

Van- full of love... U design beautiful song sheets & cards!
William- U never fail to amuse me w yr random sense of humour!
Xiao Lii- artistic

Yi Chao- helpful... love yr smile too!
Yongwei- consistent & punctual

LEADERS & HELPERS ... Owaz INSPIRG & CHEERG one another to love God & dream BIG 4 Him!
Bro Ed- yr solid!!! leadership... I learnt a lot from you!
Sis Jiahui- yr words of wisdom
Amber- lovg & humorous
Bernice- steady...
Del- sweet & gentle
Charles- therapeutic
EdTan- humorous... Tks 4 co-ordinatg the manpower arrangement!
Garv- for being a good sport of my constant teasing

Jared- wise planner! U make thgs happen!
Jerb- woman of strength & substance
Jinlian- gentle & lovg
Joe- enthusiastic & on fire for the Lord
Joseph- humorous & entertaing!
Juner- sincere & humorous (faster than DHL? Hee...)
Kailin- owaz tryg yr best!
Keith- generous & kind-natured
Lucas- ever so bright & cheery!

Michele- gentle & sophisticated
Minghui- chirpy
Shing- young & promising
Steph- owaz so cool & steady
Suting- sunshine! Gettg brighter... I must use shades now... Hee
Zhifu- humorous (still rem yr funny wish list)

Em- for bringg me to church
Meiling- for helpg me to know God more
Esther- for layg a STRONG foundation of my Christian faith
Jen- for your LOVE

FAMILY ... creatg such a LOVG & COZY home
1st bro "Ah Qiang"- Yr life is an inspiration to me!
2nd bro Ryan - "Macho bro"...Tks for e lift to AMK durg Hari Raya... Know u r tired...

Aunt- for blessg me w this Fujitsu lap top... makes thgs so much easier...
Pa & Ma - for being so patient, supportive & sacrificing! Bearg with my occasional "idiosyncrasy" Hee...
U have SHOWN me what LOVE is.

and most importantly, GOD for your STRENGTH & GRACE to sustain me through 2007!

After doing an evaluation... I realised I have achieved near 70% of my goals in 2007! Yipee!

A brief look back...
2003- A year of ACHIEVEMENTS!
Made business trips to 7 cities in China within 2 months...
Out of the ppl I brought to church, 2 PRC students stayed... went SOT w me this yr and currently doing a great work, impactg the Chinese-speakg community!

2004-2005- A HUMBLING yr...
Excelled in Usher ministry. Managed a team of 15 ushers.
Learnt > abt leadership...

2006- A shift of FOCUS
Came out from Usher ministry (in which I have been in for 5+ yrs) to serve more in CG.
Have a lot of my character flaws corrected...

"His grace & strength is indeed made sufficient in my weaknesses"

Just finished settg NEW GOALS in 2008 and am UPBEAT abt the new yr!

2008... Here I COME!

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