Friday, January 25, 2008

Itchy, Scratchy!!!

I was randomly flipping the papers after dinner.

About an hour later... I started sneezing non-stop.

The running nose was like a TAP that could not be TURNED OFF.
I kept plucking fresh tissues to rub away the mucus.
Shortly, I found myself scratchg my hands and feet like a monkey!!! Looking at the mirror, my face was like lobster-red and my whole body had red patches all over!
Ooo.... This is serious!
Couldnt bear it any longer, I asked my parents to drive me to a nearby 24-hrs clinic.

At the clinic, the doctor asked me a series of questions like... "What did you eat? Are you allergic to anything? etc."
After hearing my answers, the doctor concluded that the "culprit" must be either the 2-3 weeks old newspapers or the new shower foam that I had tried.

The itch was sooooo UNBEARABLE that I followed my dad's advice to ask for an injection.

The doctor stood up, peered over his glasses, and spoke with a fierce tone... "Do you want to die early? Why do Singaporeans always want injection? It is not necessary and is very costly!"

Hearing a reply like this, I froze.

For a moment, I thought my itch was all gone...

What a reply from a doctor whom most generally expect TLC
(Tender Loving Care) from...

Anyway, I was happy to hear his answer cos I dislike injections!
Ha ha...

While he was busy getting medicine for me, I decided to try my luck again...

"Erm... Doctor... How abt some anti-itch cream?"

Guess his reply???

Just take my medicine and you will be all right!!!"

I reached home ard 12 midnight, took medicine while cryg out for help... "Ma... Wo Zhen De Hen Yang... Ze Mo Ban?"
(Ma... I'm really feelg very itchy! How?)

And this sweet mum of mine went into the room and resourcefully came out with a bottle of MENTHOL POWDER!!!

YEAH! That will do the trick!

I spread the powder all over my body and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and was relieved that my itch and running nose were gone!

Worried about my skin, I quickly checked for scratch marks...

NONE!!! Except for some light red spots which I think would fade within a few days!

Praise the Lord!!! I'm well!

Got up quickly and left home for work!

Well... Dr. Charles Loo from 6-10 clinic created a saga years ago for his directness. People actually compained about his attitude to the press and his "bad name" is esp. well-known around my neighbourhood.

If I remember correctly, he made a comment in the papers that patients should trust his professionalism and stop telling him- a doctor what he should do. It should be the other way round.

I consulted Dr. Loo a few times before and I believe he has medical reasons for his strong stand. One thing I must add... his medicine is pretty effective and his advice works!

Perhaps we should just give this guy a break! :)

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