Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Fish Porridge Story...


It all started last year...

Determined to learn cooking from Mum, I began with a simple dish- "Fish Porridge".

Before going any further, I have to tell you about my mum!

She is a MARVELLOUS woman who is also a GREAT cook! While a lot of working mums usually "Ta Pao" (takeaway) dinner home, she is someone who will painstakingly prepares delicious meals for the family, even after a long day's work!

Food is usually spread on the table when I reached home after work. A portion will be kept for me in the event when I come home late.

Her loving gesture leads me feel guilty about the times when I am out with friends and not having dinner at home.

Anyway, back to "Fish Porridge"...

There was a week when I was so crazy about mastering fish porridge that I cooked it almost every alternate day, so as to perfect the skill.

But sad to say, things did not really improve.

Mum made a remark jokingly, "家是越煮越进步,怎么你是越煮越腿步?" (Why did your cooking deteriorate when it suppose to improve as you go along?) -_-"

Some time later, due to busyness (Ermm... okok... laziness too...), I stopped cooking FP for quite a while.

It was only last Saturday that I picked up it up again.

Refreshing my memory as I saw Mum cooks... at the same time, I was busy coordinating w Selena and David about the subzone Captain's Ball game.

Seeing that, Mum grumbled, "How are you able to learn cooking when you're always on the phone?"

Hee hee...

This afternoon, I cooked fish porridge!

Out of the many past attempts, I am most PLEASED w the result today!

Shared the joy with Mum who said nothing at all, but I can tell she is trying to hide her smile.

Probably she's thinkg... "Finally, my girl can cook a decent dish..." :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pastor Kong's cool!


I love my Senior Pastor!

One thing I admire abt him is his openness to try out NEW THINGS!

A few months back, he signed up an account with FACEBOOK, next on TWITTER and now, he has a BLOG!

Despite his busyness, he MAKES TIME to update us abt the big & small events in his life!

In this way, it helps me & many others to stay CONNECTED with him!

Simply love his entries!

Check out these links!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Celebrity Masquerade!

Earlier this year, our BJ subzone organized a "Celebrity Masquerade cum Thanksgiving Night"!

It's a fun & heart-warming night!

I'm proud of the cg reps who really made an effort to dress up!

Kudos to Yan Ming who was coordinating this. Good job in seeing things thru!

You made it happen!

(Hee... Like "Star Awards"!)

(N351 rocks!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Lunch Box!


It’s raining outside now!

Can’t go anywhere for lunch?

No worries… I’ve my BIG LUNCH BOX!

How about you?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Leap Over the Wall


“For by You, I can run against a troop. By my God, I can LEAP OVER A WALL - Psalm 18:29