Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas' 08

It has been a beautiful Christmas!

Let the pics do the talking! :)

(A good time of fellowship...)

(Jee Hae, Trudy, Li Jun)

(A quick snap before svc)

(WC... Hee...)

(The drama production!)

(Qing Yi, Satish, Kelvin)

(Jac, Xin Lin, Yan Ming)

(Winnie, Diella, Me, Sally, Selena)

(Day One!)

(My two frens Winnie and Diella came!)

(Majority at Day TWO!)
22 friends joined us for Xmas! O yeah!
The next day... I went for ET ldrs' Xmas Dinner cum Gift Exchange at Bro Ed's new place!
A fun and heart-warming time together!
Here's Jin Lian's present for me...
(Guess Wallet! Thanks Lian!)
Durg Xmas Day, Uncle Star, Aunt Betty & family gave me "Light of the City" CD.
I listened to it twice as I was surfing the net.
Music is indeed a good healing for the soul...
Thanks Uncle Star, Aunt Betty and family...
U hv been such a BLESSING! Owaz so generous, loving & hospitable!
Woo... I think the next few days will pass by v.quickly esp. with the weekend svcs, leaders' retreat etc.
Seizing the last few moments of 2008!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Invisible Wings (隱形的翅膀)

I heard this song before but did not think too much about it until Mandy sang it during “AC SHOW TIME” audition.
It triggered me to look into the lyrics and finding them meaningful,
I started to appreciate the song better.

Somehow, I was touched by the song.

Guess that’s common grace at work- a beauty of pop culture…

The lyrics…

每一次 都在徘徊孤单中坚强
(I strengthen myself in wilderness each time)

每一次 就算很受伤也不闪泪光
(In every setback, I will not shed a tear)

我知道 我一直有双隐形的翅膀
(I know I have a pair of invisible wings)

带我飞 飞过绝望
(That helps me to soar above despair)

不去想 他们拥有美丽的太阳
(Do not envy what others have)

我看见 每天的夕阳 也会有变化
(The dusk is different every day)

我知道 我一直有双隐形的翅膀
(I know I have a pair of invisible wings)

带我飞 给我希望
(That helps me to fly)

我终于看到 所有梦想都开花
(I see my dreams blossoming)

追逐的年轻 歌声都嘹亮
(Sound of pursuits is loud & clear)

我终于翱翔 用心凝望不害怕
(As I spread my wings, I fear not)

哪里会有风 就飞多远吧
(But soar with the wind)

隐形的翅膀 让梦恒久比天长
(Invisible wings turn dreams into eternal reality)

留一个愿望 让自己想象
(With that, I continue to imagine…)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

2009 is coming...

I love to start each year FRESH & NEAT!

To keep my things in order, I have a weekly housekeeping habit, coupled with twice yearly thorough clean up.

However, there are always stuff that I deem as important and cannot bear to throw.

Consequently, those items are found in the cupboard year after year.

This year, I just gotta harden my heart and say...
"Joanne, you REALLY do not need them. THROW!"
And that led to bags and bags of stuff running down the chute...

Since I live on the 6th floor, it was only a brief silence before hearing their helpless, fate-determining "Bong"!
Hee... all the moving here and there, together with climbing up and down of the high stool made up for my Sat morning exercise regime. Ermmm... I think this spring cleaning is even more "SHIONG"!

(A glimpse of the digged-out mess...)
In the midst of all the throwing, something I cannot part with...
There was a BIG BAG of them!

I took nearly an hour, to re-read the cards and recollect many wonderful times spent with my friends. Some tickled my funny bone and had me laughing non-stop- a good BREAK in the midst of the sweaty clean up!

One of the most precious cards is this one in year 2000...


I found God and tasted His love & goodness.
8 years have passed...
It seemed only yesterday when I met Emily in bus 154 on my way to school.
Back then, I did not understand why she was beaming when I agreed to go for the Xmas celebration.
It did not take me too long to figure out why.
Now, I found myself having the same reaction too.
Change someone's life this Christmas!

One of my targets...