Friday, May 29, 2009

Adidas Sundown Marathon' 09

I'm participatg in Adidas Sundown Marathon this Sat at 8:30p.m.!

My friend Winnie asked me along for the 10km women category.
I agreed, out of a kind intention to be there for her.
But after studying the exact route a few days later, I almost wanted to back off.
It is the stretch btw Changi Village to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal!
I will never forget e ARDUOUS experience where I did night cycling there (click to read), not once but TWICE! And this Sat will be the 3rd time, travelling on the same route!

That stretch is a KILLER (no exaggeration)! It seems like a NEVER-ENDING route.
Cycling, alone took me 1hr and my bum HURTS after that.
I wonder how fast can Bus 11 take me...
2 hrs? 3hrs?
Others count sheeps to pass time... I will count the number of airplanes flying over my head?
And yes... MP3 is definitely a must-have!
Probably, I will then fully appreciate a leader's favourite...
"Help me, help me, help me... All I need is You!"
*LOL... If u noe what I mean*
Share with you the whole experience in my next post!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Work has been pretty busy w many added responsibilities- all gotta do w figures n MORE figures! Number crunching n eye straining...
I hv to admit... sometimes, at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is to open my laptop and look into the screen again.
Looking on the bright side, the new work scope trained me to look more closely on the cause & effect of reporting.
Well... Above work, there are different challenges ahead too! Really gotta JIA YOU!
"A rubber band, once stretched, will never return to its original shape"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I finally went for my long-awaited body massage!

The thought had been in my mind for quite a while, and t
wo Saturdays ago, I settled for one after supporting my members at a basketball match.

I went to a shop at the void deck of some flats near GWC.

One hour of full body massage for S$40. Quite a good deal!

The massage was quite ticklish at some points and I was trying very hard not to laugh!
If you see my expression through the hole, you will catch me helplessly squeezing my eyes and pressing my lips to suppress my laughter!

Anyway, the experience was rewarding!

Stiffness gone! My morning stretch regained those “cracking” sound and I can now bend my body forward with my knuckles touching the floor! :)

Hmm... Thought of treating my mum with a massage session during Mother's Day.

But on the actual day, due to time constraint, we only had dinner at “The Green Room Café”, Bishan Park.

It is a tranquil place, surrounded my beautiful greenery. My family & I love it!

Hee... after the food arrived, I sheepishly asked to be excused, quickly left the table to attend a conference call with the cngls, to settle some matters.

Mum gave a look of dismay when I returned. Pacifying her, we joked & talked about other things before going home.

A good time spent!

The next day, my cg visited Chinese Church!

“Chen Meng Qi” was there to sing a few songs and the singer’s mum also shared her testimony on God’s healing in health & relationship!

It was very touching and all of us were moved.

During altar call, one of my members’ mum who came to church for the 1st time, accepted God! *Happy!!!*

After svc, the cg proceeded to 4th floor café which was being transformed to a mini game centre (somewhat like the Open House of New Life Church). Very creative!

There were 7 booths with each giving out points based on players’ performance. With the accumulated points, one can redeem free gifts like CDs, The Body Shop lotions etc.

The friends were reluctant to play initially cos they were a bit worn out after the past three weeks activities on Sun.

But after going, they really enjoyed themselves, with some wanting to linger around to complete all the stations before lunch!!!

(New friend Christine taking the Karaoke Challenge)

(K-Queen An Wei... She can really sing!)

Our cg rocked the house with our spontaneous cheering and drew a lot of onlookers & supporters! Some even paused their games to join us!

Overall, it was an ENJOYABLE experience!