Friday, May 29, 2009

Adidas Sundown Marathon' 09

I'm participatg in Adidas Sundown Marathon this Sat at 8:30p.m.!

My friend Winnie asked me along for the 10km women category.
I agreed, out of a kind intention to be there for her.
But after studying the exact route a few days later, I almost wanted to back off.
It is the stretch btw Changi Village to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal!
I will never forget e ARDUOUS experience where I did night cycling there (click to read), not once but TWICE! And this Sat will be the 3rd time, travelling on the same route!

That stretch is a KILLER (no exaggeration)! It seems like a NEVER-ENDING route.
Cycling, alone took me 1hr and my bum HURTS after that.
I wonder how fast can Bus 11 take me...
2 hrs? 3hrs?
Others count sheeps to pass time... I will count the number of airplanes flying over my head?
And yes... MP3 is definitely a must-have!
Probably, I will then fully appreciate a leader's favourite...
"Help me, help me, help me... All I need is You!"
*LOL... If u noe what I mean*
Share with you the whole experience in my next post!

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