Monday, June 1, 2009

A milestone!

I finished 10km in 1hr & 30mins! :)

It's my 1st time taking part in such a run as similar events e.g. Standard Chartered Marathon usually fall on a Sun morning and they clashed with my svc timing.

As such, tis Adidas Sundown Marathon on a Sat eveng attracted me!

The race started with a bang!
Loud and happening music, together with the crowd's enthusiastic cheering really got the adrenaline pumping!!!

(All participants started with high morale!)

But after running for seeming a long distance, I past by a big signboard which shows "3km".

Huh.. Only 3km? My morale dipped. Nevertheless, I continued running.

At 6km, there was a drink station which supplies 100 Plus and Ice Mountain.
Thirsty, some runners stopped and drank a few cups...only to get "suaned" by the next sign "Run Better than You Drink!" That's quite funny...

Throughout the whole run, I just kept on running, kept on running.

Finally, IT IS FINISHED!!! A sense of achievement!

Probably, I shall try 21km next time or... even a marathon! 42.5km?
If yes, it's at least 6-7 hrs running on the road? Can you imagine? Wow...!!!


ED said...

wow! WoW! WOW!


I would never have attempted to run so far! Well done!

Jo said...

Thanks for cheering me on!