Thursday, June 18, 2009

Handphone Trouble

It all started when Aunt accidentally dropped my beloved E71 into a pail of water.

Unsure how long did it remain there, but apparently, it seems to be drowned.

Nokia Repair Centre pronounced the handphone dead after “CPR”. *sigh*

Providing another hope, a hp repair shop at Toa Payoh offered to repair it at $120 if successful or $0 if otherwise. I suspect the guy will mix & match different spare parts together. Having nothing to lose, I decided to take a chance.

Result will be out later this week. Let’s see…

Meanwhile, I feel so INEFFICIENT with lost hp contacts and basic survival on a small-screen (4 words per line) phone, which I need to press “Down” several times to finish reading a SMS!

I am upset over this “misfortune”.

I did not lose just any handphone, but a CAPABLE ASSISTANT to get things done!

Liking it so much, I am thinking of spending $350 to buy the same model.
If not, $500 for E75 or $unknown for E72 (to be released by Aug/ Sep)

Whichever way, they burnt unnecessary “holes” in my pocket.

Ooo… I have faithfully tithed, completed BF and never for once, held $$ back. Why this unnecessary financial drain? I rather spend the money on a nice holiday or some helpful gestures than... *Haiz*

During one service a few weeks ago, Pst. Derek reminded us about how bad things can happen to good people too…

Let’s hope the dead handphone can be resurrected so that I can use it to “dong” (last) for a while before changing a new one!

It’s ok. Take it in my stride!