Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nokia E71!

I bought Nokia E71 earlier this week!

Main reason for the choice- Excel function.
As some of you know, I am a heavy Excel user. I love to use the program to take notes & settle admin.

Besides Excel, other features that I like...

- Notes
I can punch in random thoughts/ things-to-do etc.

- Dictionary
Available in both English + Chinese! A great help!

- Big Screen
Browsing web pages & checking emails have never been so easy on hp before.

- Fast Internet Connectivity
I can easily log on to my Google, MSN, and Wikipedia while on the go!

However, there are some inconveniences too...
- re-training myself to sms using the mini qwerty keypad.
- transferring my contacts ONE-BY-ONE from SE to the new phone

Reviews point out that the camera function is not that fantastic.
Well... I guess the captured image is not too bad...
(What do u think?)

A lot of C ppl (Jiahui, Klessis, Tracer) ard me are using the phone.
Guess what?
Both the Singtel personnel and the Nokia CS who are attending to me, use the same model too! Feedback has been quite positive.
If you are thinking of getting one...
The hp is currently going at a promotional price of S$338.

After deducting my Singtel vouchers of S$180 and iTwo value discount of S$100, I ended up paying only S$58 for this capable phone! A good deal ya?

This hp really serves my needs!
Overall, I am PLEASED with the buy!


ED said...

Congrats on your new phone!!!

jotoh said...

Bro Ed!!! I cant wait to hear u on Tue! Share abt yr Korea trip!

jotoh said...

Rem u blogged abt E71 before... Re-visited yr entry to gather opinions! Tks!