Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY' 09

Back to Aranda Country Club for the 2nd time this month!
(Previous round was 2009 countdown w the ET leaders & helpers)

I come from a big extended family consistg of 9个阿姨 & 4个舅舅, each with their spouse, and a total of 32 children.

Ever since many years ago, it has been a family tradition for all relatives to celebrate CNY at CHALET instead of visiting one another's home.
The adults will cook and gamble while the younger ones swim and play games!

Seizing the free time, I will catch up with my relatives (some of whom I meet only like …once a year), chat with the older cousins and play Wii with the kids.

It was hilarious to see the children playing Wii!
They came up with a lot of funny moves and exaggerated actions until I laughed my butt off!

During “Chu Yi” night, I also drove to Selena’s place to have steamboat with the cg!
After steamboat, the crowd headed to K-box and sang karaoke from 11p.m. until 3a.m. the next day!

I borrowed Jing’s Wii home and played Wii sports!

The easiest one is bowling…
All u do is throw.
Scoring is easy because the ball never lands into the gutter.
The challenge- get either a strike or spare!

I was engrossed with all the sports like baseball, boxing, bowling, golf, tennis and kept
playing the same game repeatedly in an attempt to set NEW RECORD!!!
Throughout the games, I kept swinging my right arm vigorously until it ached.
It was so bad that I had difficulties brushing my teeth the next morning.

Hee…I tried kidding myself that I have exercised enough and do not need to jog the next morning.

In any case, I woke up, thinking about all the steamboat, pineapple tarts and butter cookies with corn flakes (my favourite!!!) that I have eaten and off I went for a jog, to burn some calories…

The remaining CNY days would be pretty fun with different visitations, a wedding on Sat, followed by dinner at Boss’ place and not to forget… subzone steamboat at “Happy Pay”!

Steamboat generally tastes quite the same but it is the company that makes the difference!

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