Saturday, September 26, 2009

ET zone Adults' Retreat- Encounters!

Our zone had adults' retreat last weekend!
It was held at Mecure, Johor Bahru.

Bro Ed shared a great word! God's presence was strong & tangible!
A great time spent at the telematch, fishing game and water bomb!
Each team even put up a drama on the finale night!

Catch many great pics here and here!

Overall, it is an EYE-OPENER for me!
When adults play... they can REALLY PLAY; sometimes even WACKIER than youths!

(one of the unforgettable "Kodak" moments as many agree!)

Can't stop laughing when I see playbacks in drama & games...

I was praising the adults for their energy & enthusiasm and a fellow zone member happily commented... "All these playfulness is just suppressed. The people are grateful for a chance to LET IT OUT..." WOAH!

Youth rocks! Adults... ROAR!!!

Leaving with you... our ET zone adult cg video!

ET Zone Adult CG Video from jing jing wong on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

See SUN At Night!!!

Heard Sun's latest single "FANCY FREE"!
There's so much GROOVE & ATTITUDE in the song! I like it!

If you are a SUN lover like me...
You don't want to miss CHATTING with her LIVE on Facebook at 11p.m. tomorrow! Visit
And if you have any questions for her... leave a tweet at so that she can try squeezing in her answers for your during web chat!
"See" you at Facebook tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Madonna's Tribute to Michael Jackson

I watched this again and again...
What a touching & well-said tribute! So resonating!

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver"
- Pro 25:11

When you understand a person's past, you will appreciate his/her present better.
Appreciate individuals.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HSK... HSK...

I had a super CHINESE-INFUSED Saturday last week!
It is a result of taking HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)- a Chinese Proficiency Test. Call it Chinese TOEFL/ IELTS if you like...
HSK is 4-hour long. It consists of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, designed to assess the Chinese standard of non-native speakers.
I received a last-minute notice to take the test on the NEXT DAY.
What is the level?
ADVANCED!!! *faint*

Language cannot be easily learnt within a day...
With NO TIME for a good preparation, I said a little prayer and went ahead to give my best shot!
Both the listening and speaking parts were manageable.
The challenge came from the reading and writing part.
It is like a comprehension.
The candidate is greeted with a densely-populated ("Mi Mi Ma Ma") Chinese passage and is expected to answer various questions.
No time to read + understand the WHOLE passage from TOP to BOTTOM.
3-Step Tip from Examiner! Scan the questions. Pluck out relevant answers. Move off quickly to the next question!
This part is TOUGH; SUCKED a lot of ENERGY from me!
To be honest, I have not written a Chinese essay since secondary school days (which is 10+ years ago).
On that day, I just threw ("Hump Tump") what crossed my mind.
I do not even bother to amend my strokes cos I am afraid, in the process, will distort my original memory of how the Chinese character looks like.
By God's grace, I managed to pen something decent in the 500-word essay.
Never had I a day "bombarded" with Chinese for so long!
I must admit, HSK is mentally-straining.
And I thank God for bringing me TO and THRU!
Come to think of it, my past effort to WATCH Chinese news, READ Chinese papers, SPEAK Mandarin & practise WRITING the characters unknowingly reaped some rewards!!!
How would I know this day will arrive?

"Preparation is the KEY to your destiny"
When THE day comes, it just comes... ... No time to prepare.