Saturday, September 26, 2009

ET zone Adults' Retreat- Encounters!

Our zone had adults' retreat last weekend!
It was held at Mecure, Johor Bahru.

Bro Ed shared a great word! God's presence was strong & tangible!
A great time spent at the telematch, fishing game and water bomb!
Each team even put up a drama on the finale night!

Catch many great pics here and here!

Overall, it is an EYE-OPENER for me!
When adults play... they can REALLY PLAY; sometimes even WACKIER than youths!

(one of the unforgettable "Kodak" moments as many agree!)

Can't stop laughing when I see playbacks in drama & games...

I was praising the adults for their energy & enthusiasm and a fellow zone member happily commented... "All these playfulness is just suppressed. The people are grateful for a chance to LET IT OUT..." WOAH!

Youth rocks! Adults... ROAR!!!

Leaving with you... our ET zone adult cg video!

ET Zone Adult CG Video from jing jing wong on Vimeo.

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