Thursday, August 27, 2009

9Cs in 2009

Goal setting is part of my habit at the start of each year.

I like to do things with VISION & PURPOSE.
"Floating aimlessly" can really GET ON MY NERVES!
During times like this, I will self-correct... stop and think, work out different issues and quickly get back on track again!

Earlier this year, as I was praying for a fresh vision for 2009... a few items came into my mind.
Amusingly, it all started with the letter 'C'!
As I continued praying, more 'C' words kept on pouring like a flood!

It came to a point that I asked God to STOP!
Upon resisting Him, I can sense that He was unhappy.
LO and BEHOLD... He threw another C... CAPACITY!
Okok... I know what You mean God. -_-"

All in all, there are 9Cs that I am focusing on in 2009.
Let me share with you a couple of them...


I am a STEP-BY-STEP person.

I like order and enjoy working things from A - Z rather than T,P,Z,B,S.
Messisness frustrates me! When dat happens, my C can make me D!
(I know what you are thinking but I am not kidding...)

Creativity is the opposite of routine.
In making a conscious effort to achieve this, I have to keep on forcing + training myself to think of FRESH ideas, NEW solutions and BETTER ways to do the same thing!


I don't think I am a person who talks a lot.

Guess the only time you hear me "speak endlessly" is during PREACHING!

About two years ago, I started blogging. Afterwhich, I joined Facebook and Twitter. These are alternative tools of communication which allow me to conveniently share snippets of my life with people and at the same time, stay connected with the rest.

Apart from that, I am constantly working on the verbal aspect too.

Moderately speaking, I have achieved 5/9 Cs.

4 more Cs before the year ends in 4 months time!
Realistically speaking, I am not confident to attain 100% fulfillment of my goals.
But nevertheless, I will give my best shot and not limit my ALMIGHTY God!

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ASK or THINK, according to the power that works in us"
- Eph 3:20

Jia You... Jia You!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Commercials

Running out of shampoo one day, I decided to replenish my stock at a nearby NTUC.

I picked up Herbal Essences shampoo due to its sweet-smelling scent!

At home, after slapping a pool of it on my head, I regretted my choice.

I suddenly remembered what I see on TV a few months ago...

Unsure whether the result is true...

Not wanting to risk my recently-permed hair to become straight prematurely, I bought a specially-formulated shampoo for permed hair at "Pink Beauty" the next day! Haha...

I think the Heineken commercial is pretty creative as well!

Check this out! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Touching Song!

I worshipped God for nearly an hour by singing the same song repeatedly last Sat night...
The atmosphere broke thru another level as I fell postrated b4 Him, crying in His presence. God... I Need You!

(found in Track 12, "Fly High" CD- Great songs inside!!! Go get it!!!)

(Almighty God With Unlimited Power)

(With You All Things Are Possible)

(Every Mountain Before Our Eyes)

(You Can Cast It Away)

(Nothing Is Too Hard For You)

(Whenever I Am Weak & Broken)

(Your Grace is More Than Enough To Sustain Me)

(As Long As I Believe)

(Miracles Will Definitely Come)

(Not by Power Not By Might)

(But By The Spirit)

(As I Continue To Ask)

(Miracles Will Definitely Come)

(Steadfastness Will Produce Miracles)

(Steadfastness Will Produce Results)

My personal experiences taught me... when I dun bow down to unusual adversities, miracles/ breakthroughs will usually follow!
Put it simply in Chinese..."大难不死, 必有后福!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hong Kong Updates!

Having 4 days of leave to clear by Jul, I was toying between the thought of going Bandung (after reading Jerb's interestg entry) or Hong Kong.

My aunt preferred the latter and coincidentally, it happened to be HKG's summer sale during this period of time! (Another pull factor)

Excited, I checked out Jetstar and bought the air tickets at SGD 220/ pax (inclusive of tax).

A couple of weeks later... Aunt and I were on our way to HKG!

After the plane touched down, we took Airport Express to the heart of the city- Kowloon. The train journey was only 20 mins and the ride was fast and comfortable! :)

We stayed at Eaton (a four-star hotel recommended by my friend Ginny), seizing their "Pay 2 for 3 Nights" promotion at abt SGD 130/ night. Here's our room...

I liked the pool so much that I even went for a swim on the 2nd day...
before gearing up for shopping... and MORE shopping the next few days... Haha!!!

(outside Times Square)

(Tsim Sha Tsui/ "尖沙咀")

(Ladies' Market/ "女人街")

I had an exceptionally good shopping spree particularly at Causeway Bay + Tsim Sha Tsui. Shopping centres like Island Beverly, Rise Commercial Building, and H&M (this one is Shing's favourite) were worth checking out!!! :)

I permed my hair at Wan Chai!
(Look at the extensive hair clipping!)

(Spent 4 hrs in the salon!!!)
(My aunt & I)

Next up... Make a guess!!! Where is this place?

- (Rome?)


Haha... It is MACAU!



I went to Fisherman's Wharf ("漁人碼頭")- a theme park!

(Macau's a beautiful place for photography! :)

On the 4th day, we went to SHENZHEN!

- (Luo Hu Commercial City/ "罗湖商业城")

We intended to go there for massage but were put off by the persistence of the sales assistants. Just after two hours, before I could explore other parts of Shenzhen, my aunt wanted to return to Hong Kong... Haiz

Back in one of the shopping centres in HKG, I caught sight of these portraits...

You know what? They are made up of jelly beans!!! Cool!!!


One of the highlights of my trip was to ascend to "The Peak"- a 552m tall mountain in HKG!

(Ppl queuing for the peak tram)

(Here comes the tram that will take us to mountain top!)

(Breathtaking view!)
It seems that the world is under my feet. God gave me a Word there too...
Overall, I am quite satisfied with this trip.
Both Aunt and I spent abt SGD 3K on air tickets, hotel, transport, food, and shopping etc.
I bought 7 tops, 3 jackets, 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and a pair of jeans... Hee... Could have been more!!!

I will go back again!