Monday, January 5, 2009

Eat, Drink and be Merry!

A good close of 2008 and a great start of 2009!
The cg met for steamboat at "川一品" Chuan Yi Pin.

The guys can REALLY EAT and each came up w different recipe to BBQ the meat! *YUM YUM*
We enjoyed ourselves over INTERACTIVE food and VERY WARM fellowship!

Here's N351, a commonwealth, made up of people from India, Indonesia, Korea, PRC, Malaysia, and Singapore, gelled by the passion for God and love for one another!

Leaders' Retreat 2008 was at Aranda Country Club!

Indoor games and Amazing Race are FUN!!! We had a great time screaming, bending the rules and throwing water bombs at one another!

Thanks to David, Jing, Joycelyn, Kailin, Sandy,Tian Yi and Bernice!

After the retreat, the subzone (Jared, Lucas, Minghui & my cg) gathered for an abundant buffet at Sakura Orchard!

A pretty packed & exciting week!

Looking forward to the rest of 2009!

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