Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas' 08

It has been a beautiful Christmas!

Let the pics do the talking! :)

(A good time of fellowship...)

(Jee Hae, Trudy, Li Jun)

(A quick snap before svc)

(WC... Hee...)

(The drama production!)

(Qing Yi, Satish, Kelvin)

(Jac, Xin Lin, Yan Ming)

(Winnie, Diella, Me, Sally, Selena)

(Day One!)

(My two frens Winnie and Diella came!)

(Majority at Day TWO!)
22 friends joined us for Xmas! O yeah!
The next day... I went for ET ldrs' Xmas Dinner cum Gift Exchange at Bro Ed's new place!
A fun and heart-warming time together!
Here's Jin Lian's present for me...
(Guess Wallet! Thanks Lian!)
Durg Xmas Day, Uncle Star, Aunt Betty & family gave me "Light of the City" CD.
I listened to it twice as I was surfing the net.
Music is indeed a good healing for the soul...
Thanks Uncle Star, Aunt Betty and family...
U hv been such a BLESSING! Owaz so generous, loving & hospitable!
Woo... I think the next few days will pass by v.quickly esp. with the weekend svcs, leaders' retreat etc.
Seizing the last few moments of 2008!


ED said...

Wow....Nice Pictures

Joanne Toh said...

Yeah! Thanks! Joy is in the air!