Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

2009 is coming...

I love to start each year FRESH & NEAT!

To keep my things in order, I have a weekly housekeeping habit, coupled with twice yearly thorough clean up.

However, there are always stuff that I deem as important and cannot bear to throw.

Consequently, those items are found in the cupboard year after year.

This year, I just gotta harden my heart and say...
"Joanne, you REALLY do not need them. THROW!"
And that led to bags and bags of stuff running down the chute...

Since I live on the 6th floor, it was only a brief silence before hearing their helpless, fate-determining "Bong"!
Hee... all the moving here and there, together with climbing up and down of the high stool made up for my Sat morning exercise regime. Ermmm... I think this spring cleaning is even more "SHIONG"!

(A glimpse of the digged-out mess...)
In the midst of all the throwing, something I cannot part with...
There was a BIG BAG of them!

I took nearly an hour, to re-read the cards and recollect many wonderful times spent with my friends. Some tickled my funny bone and had me laughing non-stop- a good BREAK in the midst of the sweaty clean up!

One of the most precious cards is this one in year 2000...


I found God and tasted His love & goodness.
8 years have passed...
It seemed only yesterday when I met Emily in bus 154 on my way to school.
Back then, I did not understand why she was beaming when I agreed to go for the Xmas celebration.
It did not take me too long to figure out why.
Now, I found myself having the same reaction too.
Change someone's life this Christmas!

One of my targets...


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