Friday, November 28, 2008

Asia Conference 2008!

AC was AmAzInG!

I learnt a lot from the sessions and electives...
What impacted me most was Pst. Kong's 1st, 2nd and 3rd SPACE message, Dr. A. R. Bernard's sharing abt how we, Christians can wisely insulate ourselves while engaging culture and not to forget the many, many touching real-life stories featured in the videos!
Other than enjoyg the WORD, differnt ones in cg participated in various events too...

("PARADE OF NATIONS" - Power and Li Jun)

("SLAMDUNK" - Li Hang, Edward, Power!)

(The team came in 2nd! *Cheers*)
("MANHUNT" Finalist Vincent!)
Proud of you bro! So happy that yr parents came too!

The boards were designed by Edward, cut by Power and Ariel. The trio stayed up till 5a.m. to finish the stuff! Woo... It was challengg cos the former two had five basketball matches earlier on! Despite the fatigue, they came for S9 and stayed throughout till AC was over... Awesome!!!..... :)

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