Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Fish Porridge Story...


It all started last year...

Determined to learn cooking from Mum, I began with a simple dish- "Fish Porridge".

Before going any further, I have to tell you about my mum!

She is a MARVELLOUS woman who is also a GREAT cook! While a lot of working mums usually "Ta Pao" (takeaway) dinner home, she is someone who will painstakingly prepares delicious meals for the family, even after a long day's work!

Food is usually spread on the table when I reached home after work. A portion will be kept for me in the event when I come home late.

Her loving gesture leads me feel guilty about the times when I am out with friends and not having dinner at home.

Anyway, back to "Fish Porridge"...

There was a week when I was so crazy about mastering fish porridge that I cooked it almost every alternate day, so as to perfect the skill.

But sad to say, things did not really improve.

Mum made a remark jokingly, "家是越煮越进步,怎么你是越煮越腿步?" (Why did your cooking deteriorate when it suppose to improve as you go along?) -_-"

Some time later, due to busyness (Ermm... okok... laziness too...), I stopped cooking FP for quite a while.

It was only last Saturday that I picked up it up again.

Refreshing my memory as I saw Mum cooks... at the same time, I was busy coordinating w Selena and David about the subzone Captain's Ball game.

Seeing that, Mum grumbled, "How are you able to learn cooking when you're always on the phone?"

Hee hee...

This afternoon, I cooked fish porridge!

Out of the many past attempts, I am most PLEASED w the result today!

Shared the joy with Mum who said nothing at all, but I can tell she is trying to hide her smile.

Probably she's thinkg... "Finally, my girl can cook a decent dish..." :)

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