Friday, February 1, 2008

N351... A New Combination!

New cg members are meeting one another for the 1st time!

We went to Tong Shi restaurant in Liang Seah street, Bugis!
A great place to hang out! Beautiful ambience w cheap & tasty food!
(one of my another discoveries!!!)

Here are some of the shots...

(Edmund, Yan Ming, Stephen, Val, me, Jing, Kaiyi)

(the brothers!)

(Yan Ming w his cheese & chicken baked rice... Look at him! He's like promotg the dish!)

(Check this out! Stephen w his spaghetti! Btw, someone juz rebonded his hair :p)

(Edmund giving his "Thumbs up" for his Korean noodles! )

(Val w her fish & chips)

(Look at this flora tea! We got a SHOCK when it came! Thought "house pour"... Guess what? It's only S$2+... Unbelievable rite?)

(Here's Jing w her fried rice and ribinea)

(My korean noodles...Yummy!)

We had a good time fellowshipping, getting to know one another!

I'm excited about this NEW group in N351!
It starts with a 7-7 combination! (7 bros & 7 sis)
consistg of sec, poly, NS men (gg to ORD soon...), w UNI students, n Young Working adults formg the MAJORITY! A
vg age- 22-23 years old (est.)

We r neither a Youth cg nor an Adult cg but a Young Adult cg- the so-called ONE & ONLY in the zone so far!

Young & promising! Budding & Enterprising!

Yes! That's what we are!

With ENERGY, ENTHUSIAISM, & a DEEP LOVE for God n His people, we look forward to "reproduce" ourselves. To GROW to at least

30 by Oct!!! (our faith target!!!)


(N351- Soar like EAGLES!!!)


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