Friday, February 15, 2008

A Lion in the Office!

All was quiet in the office except for some occasional rings of the phones.

Suddenly, there was a EAR-PIERCING clanging of cymbals and "fierce" hitting of drums!

It was so LOUD that you can feel as if the whole ground vibrating!!!
Looking at the entrance door, I saw a BIG, ORANGE LION sticking its foot into the office! :)

(Lion Dance Performance!!!)

Still remembered the younger days when my parents used to invite LION DANCE to home. :)

The tradtional Chinese belief is that inviting Lion Dance will bring GOOD LUCK to the place & people.

The whole office watched as the lion sprang about energetically, shaking its head and batting the eyelids!!!

Here is the lion trying to FORM NUMBERS & CHARACTERS...

And guess what the lion is up to????? Hee........







"旺" (Prosperity) for all of you.

Have a PROSPEROUS 2008!

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