Monday, March 3, 2008

New Inventions!

I love to check out NEW things!


It is a white write-on/ wipe-off panel with a CLOCK in the middle.

You can write messages beside the relevant hour or time span.
Useful for organizing time and share info with co-workers! :)


This is somethg thought of... by Nokia and Cambridge University.


The new concept phone is currently on display at “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition in New York City!

This is made by using nanotechnology, and demonstrates how cell phones in the future can be STRETCHED and BENT into DIFFERENT SHAPES.

The flexibility enables users to “morph” their devices!!!

Imagine wearing your cell phone as a BRACELET? :p

Look at this HANDSFREE umbrella!!!
Would you use it while walking down the streets of Orchard Road?

For the gamers out there!!!
Alienware shows off their curved DLP display!

The ideal viewing position is abt two feet away.

This is probably the BEST monitor for games like 3D shooting, racing etc.

But what if you are OUTDOOR...???

You may like to consider this head-mounted heaven!

You can plug in your favorite video game console, sit back... and indulge in your game!

These goggles are PORTABLE as it can be battery-charged. This means that you can wear them around... in the MRT or on the treadmill etc? :)


After being "glued" to the monitor for quite a while... Is your seat getting a bit warm?

No frets! Here's our HELP!!!

The cushion is made from “natural minerals,” which produces a cooling effect when melting. The minerals will then regenerate automatically when stored in a cool place.

How do you like them??? :p

I love inventions cos they make our life easier...

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