Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Bdae Pa!!!

My dad's bdae on "International Women's Day" (8th Mar)!

We used to tease him abt being born on "三八妇女节" Ha ha...
This year...I wrote him a card and took the whole family out for dinner. Simply LOVE my dad!

Share with you somethg abt him k?

He started working when he's very young...

He was a BUN-MAKER for 20++years and used to work long hours.... 7 days a week!

After his health gave him some warning signals, he finally left the job and helped out my mum & relatives in their joint-venture precision engineering biz.

What makes him so GREAT?

- He's a DILIGENT guy.
He works very hard to provide for the family and give us a comfortable life.

- He READS a lot.
During his free time, you can see him with his glasses, glued to the newspapers.
He never misses a single day edition of "新民日报" unless he's overseas.
He's up-to-date about the current affairs and is pretty knowledgeable about the political figures and situation around the world.

He keeps his promises.
Whatever this man says, he does it!
Whenever he is trusted with anything, you can count on him to do the job well!

During one ladies' chat with Mum, I asked teasingly, "What do you like about Dad?"
She answered sweetly... "He helped me out at home"

How true is it!

When both of them return home frm work, Mum'll start preparg dishes in the kitchen while Dad'll take out e broom to sweep e floor.
Once done, he will join my mum in the kitchen, helping her cut the veges, slice the meat, wash the utensils etc.
Both of them will then chit-chat and joke with each other while preparing dinner.

I guess they show their love for each other by ACTION more than words...

When I was having dinner with them last night, Dad saw my metallic purplish bronze mani + pedicure and let out a chuckle...

He commented that the color is a bit "FUNNY"... It reminded him of a bruised finger that he suffered a few years ago when a door accidentally slammed onto his fingers... -_-"

Mum threw him a "You-Dunno-How-To-Appreciate-It" look and smiled at me...

In the end, the 3 of us went LAUGHING at the dinner table.


I'm very blessed to have such GOOD earthly parents.

I admit sometimes I actually unintentionally raise my tone at their nagging.
Hmm....It hurts them. And when that happens, they keep quiet.
It is their SILENCE that convicted my heart and I will end up apologizing... love & cherish them even more...

They are 58 years old now...
Looking at their wrinkled face... you will somehow guess that their journey have been a long and tiring one...

Like most children... I want to give my parents a BETTER life...

Also...I'm prayg that they'll come this EASTER... *Family Salvation*

Really want them to EXPERIENCE the LOVE of GOD as well!

Pa & Ma.... I LOVE YOU!!!


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