Sunday, March 9, 2008

Night Cycling- Iron Man edition!

Night Cycling RETURNED...after 2 months!
This is slightly different compared to the previous one.
This round is packed with Four Station Games in between!

Cycling Route- Siglap>> ECP>> Coastal Stretch>> Changi Park
The entire length is about 25km!!!
Game Station 1- "Intial- B"
Game Station 2- "Lost"
Game Station 3- "Prison Break"
Game Station 4- "Jumper"

Game Station 1- "Intial- B"
Cyclists need to WEAVE their bikes in and out without touching the line of cones.
In the process, they have to transport a cup of water which is clipped with their teeth.

Game Station 2- "Lost"
Players are BLINDFOLDED, depend on their partner's vocal commands to find treasure and NAVIGATE their way out of the maze- at the shortest, possible time!

Game Station 3- "Prison Break"
Players need to answer questions correctly before they get a chance to UNLOCK the locks.

Game Station 4- "Jumper"
Players need to answer questions correctly as they alternately JUMP over the swinging rope.
I am in charge of the station "LOST".
It is a maze where 3 players are BLINDFOLDED while the rest 3+ give vocal commands to help their partners find treasure and navigate their way out of the maze, filled w "POTHOLES" n "SPRINKLES"...
In the process, they cannot neither touch the boundaries nor bump into one another. If so, they have to go back from the starting point again!
Upon a successful exit, each player will then light up a SPARKLER to celebrate VICTORY!!!
I enjoy seeing the people play the game.
They SURPRISED me with many strategies to help their partners get out of the maze.
Here are some...
1. The Clapper!
Commander will clap hands in front of the blindfolded player and lead him/her by the clapping sound.
Reminds me of how Benny Hinn cleverly test the healing of the hearing-impaired.
2. The Cha-Cha!
Blindfolded player takes 1-step forward, 2-steps back, 3-steps ahead etc... and he/she really looks like having a good time dancing!
3. The Clock!
Blindfolded player will join their outstretched hands and move according to the position of the clock hand.
e.g. 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock
On one occasion, the commander got carried away and shouted excitedly "Ahh... Ahh...Turn 90-degree... Turn 90-degree!"
The blindfolded asked... "Clockwise or anti-clockwise?"

Another commander seems to FEEL for the blindfolded player more than him/herself.
He/she goes, "Left... Left a bit... Be careful... Be careful... Aiyo...Aiyo... No no no..."

If you are watching the game, you will have TREMENDOUS FUN!
The game masters Jerb, Minghui, Bernice and I, with the players went CACKLING with LAUGHTER!!!
Overall, each team took about 5-12 mins to complete the game.
Amidst of all the fun, you can easily spot who is a D,I,S,C type leader. :)
Each style is different and ultimately, all lead their partner out of maze! *YEAH*

After abt. 6hrs+ of cycling, most reach Changi Village ard 6a.m.+.
The cyclists are ALL BEAT!!!
When the photographer wants to gather the ppl together. He finds it difficult cos it seems quite a chore for the cyclist even to shift the bum. Ha ha...

I must admit this is REALLY for the iron man!!! Well done all!!!
A round of applause esp. for my cg IRON MEN and WOMEN...

1) Li Jun

2) Moses,

3) Ronald

4) Stanley,

5) Steffy,

6) Yan Ming.

So proud of you guys!!!

This is tough X10 but you all MADE IT!!!

It really speaks of your STRENGTH and TENACITY!!!

An ACHIEVEMENT which you can proud of! Truly UNFORGETTABLE isn't it?

(Kudos guys!!!)


Waiting for more photos to be posted! :)

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