Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahhhhhh!!!! Lizard!!!!!!

Worked a bit late today...

After facgg the monitor 4 some time, I decided to give my eyes some REST.
Was looking around... n I saw a LIZARD hangg from a stack of books!!!

I SHRIEKED, pushed back my chair and quickly STOOD UP on my feet!!!

Can't believe what I've just seen!!!

LIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's so CLOSE!!!!!!!

Furthermore, it has frightening BLACK patches all over... Eeeeee...... So GROSS!!!

"What did the lizard eat that make it look like this???"

"Which species does this lizard belong to???"

O mine........!!!!!!!!

I CRIED for help!

Quickly went over to a nearby colleague...

"Alex, are you scared of lizard?"

He replied, "Nope..."

"Can you help me to catch one?"

He bravely stepped over to my desk...

Looking intensely at the lizard, he hoped to catch it FAST & QUICK w/o giving a slip.

Suddenly, his gaze relaxed...

"Joanne, the lizard's FAKE!!!"

He GRABBED the lizard and wanted to throw it at me!

I RAN!!!

Better SAFE than SORRY!!!!!!!!!

He then put it on the floor and gestured me to come forward...

I'm not convinced!

He laughed and hang the lizard back to its original position again...

Went back to my desk, took slow & intimidated steps towards the lizard...

It's really...... FAKE!!!

Arrghh...... Uncle Andrew.... I "KILL" you tomorrow!!!



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