Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Bdae Yan Ming!!!

After Sun service, we went to Fish & Co (Dhoby Ghaut) to eat!

Most of us ordered Seafood Platter while the bros ordered New York Fish & Chips. Happily chatting while enjoying our food...

Towards the end, the Fish & Co Manager & staff came forward and asked WHO's THE BIRTHDAY BOY in the house!!!

We all cried out, "VINCENT!"

Yan Ming (Vincent) was then made to STAND on the chair.

Light a sparkler...

And the whole group of us, together with the Fish & Co staff sang him a BIRTHDAY SONG!

After the song, when you thought everythg had ended, Yan Ming was made to blow candle from where he was standing!!! *So FUNNY*


It was NOT EASY because of the distance... and he took a few attempts before finally blowing out the candle. Good work bro!


By the way... This is Yan Ming's signature "SUNSHINE" look!
Look at how he SQUEEZES his eyes and how WIDE is his smile.

No one by far... can make such a look as EXPRESSIVE as his...
We were TEASING him about this and he SPORTINGLY posed for us!!! Ha ha!!!


Happy Bdae Bro!!! We LOVE you!!!


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