Monday, November 16, 2009

Cg Vision

The cg gave me a mega card for my birthday.

Perhaps you may be wondering why is it in the shape of a BUS?

Earlier this year, as I was praying for a cg vision... God flashed an image of a yellow & green DOUBLE-DECKER BUS!

In the bus, members were happily chatting among themselves while I'm in front, holding the mic and entertaining them with games and stories. Jesus, in the driver seat turned his head back and gave the group, a suave and charming wink!

Along the journey, the bus stopped. Some alighted while more boarded! It was getting crowded. Those who originally seated below, ascended to the upper deck and played host to the newcomers.

The next scene came when the bus approached the sea.

The windows started to wind up and the entire bus sanked slowly into the water. The wheels flipped horizontally and propelled the vehicle forward. The whole bus transformed itself to a submarine!

Upon reaching the shore, it began to stretch its metal wings and glide gently above the land!

Cool! I get the idea God! You meant VERSATILITY!

Interestingly, I only articulated the vision twice to my cg.

They actually remembered! And translated the THOUGHT into FORM!

In 2008, when I prayed for a cg vision.

God gave me a vision of a WAVE!

The wave is not just a small and relaxing one...

It is a BIG & GIGANTIC wave!

Standing on the shore, I saw the wave coming!

To my amazement, the wave threw PEOPLE on the shore!

The victims laid flat on the sand wet, tired & hungry!

Seeing this, I shouted for help! Many came out from their attap houses and gave the people dry towel, hot Milo and Oreo biscuits!

After a period of time, the people were well taken care of and began to live a happy life on the land.
When life resumed back to normal, a SECOND and BIGGER wave came! This time, it threw MORE people to the shore!

More helpers were needed!

Those who had been helped, rolled up their sleeves and in turn, assisted the new people!
I articulated the vision to the cg. They caught my point and ran the race together with me!

Everyone did what they could do best.
Selena and Li Jun, for the past ONE & A HALF YEAR, selflessly spent most Saturday afternoons in SMU, coaching the int'l students English. Till date, they produced two batches of 'O' level students so far. The first batch went on to SP and TP. The second batch just finished their 'O' level last Friday.
Yan Ming, being the buddy kind, taught the group guitar.
Moses, with his calm & composed nature related to them in his 'S' way.
Uncle Starrence and Aunt Betty added that fatherly and motherly touch in the cg.
The rest just loved one another.
While practical needs were met, spiritual needs were ministered, with Bible Studies to deepen the people's understanding of God.
To them, the cg is just like a 2nd HOME! A home away from home.

People just kept coming, and COMING!
One night, I sat on my kitchen floor, askg "God, what can I do for You?"
He just replied with 6 words... "Take care of the China students"
Excitedly, I obeyed.
But along the way, the journey has not been smooth.
There were many ups and downs for the past one & a half year.

Many times, the voices of men seem to be louder than God's!

I was left disillusioned and very very confused.
I kept re-checking with God... "Did I hear wrongly? Is this what You really want me to do?"
When I am focused, I am VERY focused. There is a group of committed people following me. I cannot play with their time. I need to be careful and lead well.
God sent me many positive affirmations.
Edward has been a great encouragement to me. He made it into the Easter production and through the drama, God showed me his life transformation- From a lost "Ah Beng" to a purpose-driven "Bao Ge"!
The group has been coming faithfully for cg and svc. They give their tithes and offerings, and do what they can do- from particpating in usher and attributes ministry to blood donation etc.
God asked "Isn't it evident enough Joanne? Do you want to seek men's approval or God's approval?"

I replied, flesh-crucifyingly... "Yours of course!"

At times, I still pop the same question "Is this what You really want me to do?"

God... "Take care of the China students" sounds grammatically incorrect.
Silence. I guess He just couldn't bother with me.
The 6 words I held on, together with the HARD WORK from cg, saw about 60 salvation decisions made for Christ. Out of which, 20 regulars had been integrated into cg & svc for the past one year plus.

- - - -

My constant prayer...
Let the love of God transcend boundaries, cultures and languages.
Let the love of God glue us together as one!

Kudos to the fellow cg, subzone, zone members and ET leaders for the gracious love!
"By this the world will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another"
- John 13:35

My subzone just finished an outing at Sentosa yesterday and some members would be heading back to China to see their family members after one year of toil for 'O' level.
Before leaving, "take cares" were exchanged... Many came and gave me a big hug saying "我会回来的..."


Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Well done Joanne! Many thanks to your tireless efforts and love! so proud of u!

jotoh said...

Thanks Bro Ed!
Credits to the team who is willing to run w me! Like what u shared on Tue meetg... 2 or 3 AGREE together!

Anonymous said...

hey~ I am Bowen~~actually i am just a small water drop inside your big wave~~hee hee~~but i believe more and more water drop will come~~and the wave will be bigger and bigger~~~we love God,we love this family,we love u~~~hee hee~~

jotoh said...

Hey Bowen!
Good to see u here girl!
Yeah! U gotta help me build this family!