Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a good Easter celebration last weekend!

I'm happy that a lot of the members participated in different ways.

Giant Edward plucked up courage to act in Easter drama "The Final Solution". I think he did a GREAT job! His lines touched my heart. Very heart-felt!


("豹哥" aka Big Brother)

Charming Yan Ming acted as prince in CCH drama! I'm waiting for the DVD to be out!


Ariel was helping out in Attributes while Sarah, Joe and Xiao Lu ushered in multiple services!

With concerted effort, the cg brought 30 friends! And many members were watching the Easter drama for the very 1st time! Working hard in ret now...

A few weeks back, I come across an article which struck a chord in my heart. It really encourages and cheers me on!


A very WISE man speaks...

"The value of a language is its usefulness, not just in Singapore, but also in the wider world. If you speak Hokkien or Cantonese, you reach some 60 million in Fujian and Taiwan, or about 100 million in Guangdong and Hong Kong. With Mandarin, you can speak to 1,300 million Chinese from all provinces in China."

"Did you watch the Beijing Olympics Opening? I was there. I was watching the reactions of the foreign leaders and I knew that they knew this is a country that is going to rise." - MM Lee

For more articles, you can click the various links...

"Speak Mandarin to Children: MM Lee"- The New Paper, Mar 21st 2009

Speech by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor, at Speak Mandarin Campaign's 30th Anniversary Launch, 17th Mar 2009, at NTUC Auditorium

"Chinese Singaporeans Should Focus on Mandarin as well" - The Straits Times, Mar 18th 2009

Seeing the different fruits... I did not regret in making the decision to adjust and use Mandarin to connect with the mandarin-speaking friends...

"Chinese Fusion"

"Become all things to all men, that I might by all means save more." - 1 Cor 9:22

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