Tuesday, April 28, 2009

“Go Green!”

This was our subzone event on Sun!

The ppl had to brave through the forest trails, answer questions, play games, and dance.

“Ping Ping Pong Pong” station


“Catch Me If You Can” station


Teaching the people how to do “Square Dance”


Here's Edward & team doing “Visa Dance”… Still have formation!

The final mass dance...

The 3 teams from our cg...

Edward & team self-proclaiming winners!
This group was e 1st to arrive at e finishing point! One & a half hr earlier than rest… Wow!

Selena & team! Very united!

Trudy & team emerged No. 1 in "Go Green"!!!

Our cg photo... 14 friends came!

Hey guys! I'm really proud of ALL of you!

Having the STAMINA to last the race and being so SPORTING to play the different games! Good attitude!

Subzone photo!

Haha… It was a loong day esp when I had only one & a half hr of sleep before svc!

I’m in charge of this station called “Color Power”!


It took me a longer-than-expected time to complete the preparation!

Halfway through, I ran out of glue!

Checking the time, it was already 3a.m.!

Do I really need to go to 7-11 at this hour to buy glue? I "whined" to my mum.

15 minutes later, there was a knock on the door!

My mum appeared with a bowl of hot milky stuff
Wow! So nice of her to cook soup for me at this EARLY hour?

To my surprise, it was not soup but GLUE!!
My mum actually took the trouble to boil starch! So CREATIVE!

Hmm... On the other hand, I prefer using my favourite slide-on BIC stick than this home-made watery glue, worrying that the liquid would cause unsightly patches on the papers.

But... I guess I had to give in to my perfectionism at this hour... So there I was, using the hot glue to continue my pasting...

I worked from 1a.m. to 7a.m. to plot the game strategy, cut the papers, and paste them on the papers! 20 strips, with 7 colors each. Hard work!!!

On seeing the results, I was very satisfied!

Probably you might be curious on how to play the game…

There are many flexible variations!

Here is a simple one…

Each team has to memorize a 10-color sequence within 15 secs. After which, each player has to step on the correct color sequence while those waiting for their turn are NOT SUPPOSED to watch/ help. The fastest team, with all members successfully memorized the color sequence, WINS!

Dazed by the different colors... the teams saw "rainbow" and took quite a while to complete the game! Phew! Not easy as I think!

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