Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bdae with Cg & Subzone!

The cg celebrated my birthday last Fri.

Everyone was on their best behavior.
Praise & Worship was louder than usual. All shared testimony and even echoed "Yes & Amen" during the Word. Wow! So responsive! :)

Anyway, they surprised me with birthday speeches using the acronym "JOANNE".
Never will I expect my own cg to use this trick on me!

Sunday celebration with subzone...

(Pretty & modern Mamas!)

(Asher & Moses: "What is a similarity found in both of us?")

(Still guessing?)

(We have DEEP dimples!)

(Simply love the subzone fellowship!)

Thanks for all the gifts... Nike+ sportsband, bling top and dress, "Love Leadership" book by John Hope Bryant, stylish bookmark, Campo Marzio designer pen, Capitaland Vouchers, cakes, dinners, encouragement, love & fellowship!!!
I feel so BLESSED!

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