Saturday, June 14, 2008

Camp Phenomena!

Camp Phenomena was GREAT!!!

It's certainly a good product of the leaders' numerous meetings & plannings...
I thank God that the whole event went well and God is indeed on our side- NO RAIN until all activities ended and when "air-con" is much needed during our grand finale in the school hall. :)

What I enjoy about the camp?
- The TOUCH from God during Day One worship
I knelt down before God, bared my heart out, cried so much and at the end, needed to borrow tissue to wipe away the sticky pool of tears on the floor, hoping the aircon will quickly dry the wet spot. This is the same touch I experienced during Breakaway camp six months ago and it is exactly for the same encounter that drew me to this camp!
- The Lifehouse's Everything skit performed by our own zone ppl- Lucas & team. It's awesome! Great job guys!
- The "Super Heroes Game"
Had fun watching the teams learning different skills and displaying the power in the "battlefield"

- The "Work-in-Process" with the rest of leaders & helpers
I learnt a lot by simply serving. Something in me broke...

I willingly took leave to be PART of the camp...
There's just something about the camp that I can draw from!
The Dynamics, "Sweating-Out-Together", "Let's Make-It-Happen spirit"...

Like how the famous saying goes... "It's the JOURNEY that counts, not the destination."

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