Wednesday, April 30, 2008

F1 Grand Prix' 08

The adult cgs organized a car rally last Sat.
They called it "F1 Grand Prix"! (pronounced as gròN pree)

In this game, the teams "race" against one another in cars and play "Amazing Race" in the east of Spore.

Check out the various stations!!!

Station 1- "Supermarket Craze", Eunos

Players need to purchase the cheapest item with noun = initial of their name.

E.g. Delphine... Donut

Station 2- "Smelly Tofu", Geylang

Players need to locate the shop that sells "Smelly Tofu"

Hee... such "delicacy" is not only available exclusively in Taiwan

Station 3- "Ice Kacang Decor", Old Airport road

Players need to decorate the ice kacang with what they have bought from "Supermarket Craze"

Station 4- "Maze", East Coast Park

Players need to answer a question correctly before they can dash inside the maze and search for clues.

After conquering all stations, the group gathered at Pinevale Condo, Tampines Street 73. On the way to the destination, the teams need to buy the... Biggest & Cheapest durian!!!


And for that... one cg actually spent S$70 for a BIG durian, hoping to outshine the rest. But little did they expect that there was a TWIST in the game!

The teams were not competing on size but on the number of seeds! Furthermore, they had to guess the specific figure!

In the end, the winning durian is one that has 20 seeds and it only costs S$4! WOO!!!

In the midst of fun...the atmosphere gradually became quieter...Y?

Ha ha... The teams were found enjoying their durians, sucking the creamy custard flesh off the seed.

That day... the whole function room was intoxicated with a strong & powerful "aroma" of durian. Del and I left the place with a unique "durian perfume". On our way back, I wonder whether it was the favour of man or our durian scent that brought about special privileges to sit on buses & trains... (Nah... Just joking...)

I enjoyed myself that day.

The adult cgs are quite excited about games too. Though they are "milder" compared to the youths but nevertheless, games being games... simply caused the "kid" in them to come ALIVE!!! :)


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S said...

hi there. I know this is a very backdated entry, but I'm just trying my luck here! I'm wondering if you remember how big the function room at Pinevale Condo is? Or if you have photos of the place?