Tuesday, April 22, 2008

City Link!!!

We had our subzone event "City Link" last Saturday!

The teams need to locate the different BRIDGES in Spore + play the station game near each bridge.

Here are the various Bridges + Game Stations...
Station 1- Elgin bridge... ... Relay- "Mission Possible"
The team needs to overcome obstacles to rescue Captive.

Station 2- Coleman bridge... ... Egg Game
The team needs to find hard-boiled eggs among many raw eggs.

Station 3- Alkaff bridge... ... Memory Game
The team needs to spot the exact location of items in the board

Station 4- Esplanade bridge... ... Red Hot Chilli
The team needs to earn points by eating chilli

Station 5- Cavenagh bridge.. ... Drama!!!
The team needs to act out a separation scene on the bridge itself (like what is seen on TV)

Here's my cg in ACTION in one of the station "Mission Possible"!
Li Jun's team consistg of Yan Ming, Robin, Sarah, and our new frens Niji and Kim...

(We are ready!!!)

(Putting the pieces together...)

(Da da.....Team effort!)

(Next... Where is the key?)

(Prisoner Kim is waitg to be rescued! Havent seen such a HAPPY prisoner b4)
(Found the key!!! Yeah!!!)

Check out Moses' team...
(Val, Kaiyi, Sam, Moses, Shang Lin)


(Show me "Xi! "Nu" "Ai" "Le"! Happy, Angry, Sad, Ecstatic face!!!)

(Where's the key? ... ... Where's the key?... ... )


(Yeah!!! We made it!!!)

(Game over! Havg FUN while clearing up the station...)

(Our BJ zubzone ROCKS!!!)

Believe this game has served its purpose- to BRIDGE the gap between members & friends and draw our relationships closer to another level!

N351... you guys are just so AMAZING!
Imagine going through THICK & THIN together...

drinking vinegar, cracking eggs, eating chilli!!!

No wonder your lips were so RED!!! when you guys past by my station.

GOOD WORK guys! I'm proud of you!


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