Monday, December 17, 2007

Feasty Monday!

My Raffles colleagues and I had LUNCH at "Em by The River"- a nice & cosy restaurant @Robertson Quay.

This place is one of my AMAZING DISCOVERIES durg my random exploratory trips!
Probably you are not aware, I have a quest to explore NEW places- be it for HANG OUTs or merely just a simple deposit to my personal mind bank. :) Hee...

After a short 8-min walk from our work place, all of us HOPPED onto the big & bouncy sofa upon arrival!

Looking at menu, you can see a good assortment of dishes... Sandwiches, Pastas, Fish & Chips, Steak etc. all with a price range btw S$6-S$15.
Hot beverages like coffee & tea, soft drinks only cost ard S$5.
We ordered grilled salmon, steak, sandwiches and salads!
The sandwiches (like what u see in the pic) are really tasty & affordable!
Each only costs btw S$6-S$8! (considered very cheap for restaurant standard)

We had a nice girl's talk while savoring our food.
Enjoying ourselves so much that we STRUGGLED to get up from the sofa and get back to work. Hee...
To console ourselves, we concluded that we will return to this place.. perhaps on some Friday nights! So that we can have spend LONGER TIME with one another!

(beautiful place ya?)

XMAS DINNER with the ET LEADERS & HELPERS was at Pepperoni Pizza (behind National JC)...

Look at their GIGANTIC family-size pizza! An EYE-POPPER rite?

(compare Nic's head and the pizza)

7 of us (Garv, Lucas, Zhifu, Amber, Bernice, Michele and I) ordered a FAMILY-SIZE PIZZA and were entitled to pick any two flavours for this size. We agreed on a combination of both Hawaiian and salmon flavour.

Everyone was so excited when the pizza came! Each of us happily ate about 2-3 slices each!

After the dinner, there was a XMAS GIFT EXCHANGE.

I've got a 2GB thumbdrive from Jerb! (It is one of the items in my wish list), coupled with somethg extra from her- a pretty bracelet! Yeah!

It has been an enjoyable night with the ET leaders & helpers!
We are just like a family together.
ET zone rocks!


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