Sunday, December 23, 2007

Simply Love Jogging!

Jumped off from bed for my usual Sat morng jog!

For some of u who do not know...
I simply love JOGGING!

To start off, I will do some stretchg at home. After which, I will slip into my sports attire, put on my Brooks runng shoes and set off to the tracks nearby!

In the past, I used to drive to Serangoon stadium for a jog. The distance is only a 10-min walk from home. At this point... you may go... "Wait a min Joanne! U mean D-R-I-V-E to jog? U must be JOKING.....! Y not jog over there instead? Since exercise is what u want..."

Ooooo... you're not the 1st one to pass such comment.
My parents cant understand it either.
I guess by the time I walk there, I will be tired even before I start! Ha ha...

A few months ago, the stadium was closed for "RENOVATION".
As a result, I settled at NYJC nearby which is juz a "stone's throw"
(if u throw hard enough... Hee...)

I must say... I am no PRO runner... juz simply an amateur one.
My usual no. of rounds is 4 and may hit 5 or 6+ if I feel like it!
Plugging in my MP3, I find myself jogging to the music beat.
The 1st & 2nd round is usually a breeze and after dat, comes the heat!
In the 3rd round, beads of perspiration start to trickle down yr forehead, dryness creeps into yr throat, and shortly, you find yrself gasping for air...
As I go the distance, the flesh tells me to take a rest but the uplifting music keeps me going!
Speakg abt music... it is easy for songs to pass you by durg casual listeng.
But sinking into the lyrics each time as I jog, different songs in my MP3 never fail to minister to me.

"I'm gonna beeeeee a HIS-T-O-R-Y MAKER in this place...
I'm gonna beeeeee a SPEAKER OF TRUTH to all mankind...
I'm gonna runnnnnn into Yr armmmsss.... into Yr armmmsss...."
(no matter what happens, dun run away frm God... instead

I love connectg to my soul durg jogging.
It is a time where I chuck my concerns/ worries aside, find some space, and channel all my energy into jogging. At the end of the jog, my heart feels LIGHTER, mind goes CLEARER and is able to sort out my thoughts BETTER.
This energy boost & spiritual disciplines fuel me to lead a good cgm on Sat afternoons!

Hmm... I thank God for good weather for a jog this morng.
Dunno y... The last round today seems to be more taxing than usual!
But w sheer determination, I told myself
"I'm NOT going to give up! I'm gg to complete my rounds!"
INTESITY level was HIGH!
but MY TENACITY level was HIGHER! I kept on going... runng... and HANGG ON.... Eventually, I completed my rounds!
Even though I ended up panting and perspiring all over... I felt good cos I MADE IT!!! Yipeeeeeeee!

Drawg this closer to home... In whatever we do... the last lap is usually the toughest!
But, let's FIGHT TO THE END!
Think abt it!
We hv come so far... completed 80% of race...
Another 20% more n we'll touch the FINISHG LINE!

Sun rises... sun sets...
Wake up each morng, ready to face the challenges ahead!
Share u somethg...
I depend on my hp alarm to wake me up each morning.
And if you are like me, I will press the snooze button a few times b4 I finally wake up!
Guess how I kick-start each morng?
I literally KICK to START by doing that "Superman" hand gesture and shout w gusto...
"Ok Joanne! ARiSe & SHinE!!!"

Arise & shine my frens!
The world is waitg for you to make an IMPACT! You!!! Yes!!! You're the one! :)

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