Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One After Another!

To continue where we left off in the earlier entry...

The subzone had fun at Sentosa last month!
Despite the rainy season, weather on that day was EXTREMELY good, with the sun smiling WARMLY at us! Praise God! We prayed and fasted for it!

The event was a success!
I must say... the CGCs did a good job in putting the pieces together!
Kudos to Sel, Yan Ming, Edward, Alicia and Sing Xuan!

The following weekend, I attended a "counselling" workshop at Mecure, JB!

Pst. Derek shared valuable insights abt his counselling experiences. The training was taken to another level with practical demonstrations! A good reminder on the importance of working together with Holy Spirit!

Above all the learning, I had a wonderful time with bubbly Minghui!
I think I know her more after this retreat!

Coming back to SG, it was meetings & preparation for CAMP BELIEVE which finally kick off last week!

-(Here we are, at one of the game stations...
We cannot resist the fun and play our own game! Haha!!!)

The next day, the campers gathered for DRAGON BOAT!
We learnt about rowing techniques from the instructor and had a crazy time water fighting when our boats come close to each other! Players ended up happily drenched!!!
On the last day, we had HAT PARTY!
The top 3 cheers were showcased!
I think all eight teams performed well! So proud of them esp. those in the subzone!
The night ended with a "Bdae Celebration By The River" for 5 cg members!
- -
Last Sunday at S3 Fiesta, my subzone and Joseph's set up "Bull's Eye" game booth!
So happy that the game was well-received! :)

Last night, ET zone had our 2nd overnight PM in the year. We had a good time soaking in the presence of God! It was 3plus in the morning when I reached home. Despite the late/ early hour, I was wide-awake after much praying!
For the whole of today, my whole family and I were busy touching up our home and preparing for my brother's wedding tomorrow! So happy & excited for him!
The next few days will be packed with Xmas cg, orphanage visit, ET leaders' Xmas dinner, and candlelight services!
The following week will release the much-awaited Xmas drama, Ginny's ROM at Crowne Plaza and ET leaders' retreat at Malacca!
Two weeks left before the year comes to an end...
How time FLIES!
It seems like yesterday when 2009 just begun...!

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