Tuesday, July 7, 2009



If you are wondering how is the 2nd diagnosis of my E71…

Well… The result is out....! Hp is really beyond repair.

Frustrated with a “CMI” basic hp, I bought a secondhand E66 at $360 to tide me over this waiting period for E72- out in Sep!

Estimating a $100+ loss when I sell E66, I figured out the money is still well-spent!

Using Nokia Content Copier program, my neatly-arranged phonebook + a couple of saved msgs are being restored! HAPPY dat my basic “housekeeping” really pays off! :)

Also, this phone came in time to help me efficiently co-ordinate some usher stuff for decentralized svc last weekend! SMSing & checking of emails while I’m outside is such a BREEZE!

I think Bro Ed did a GREAT job on Sun! He preached with such CONFIDENCE & CLASS to a 1200+ crowd! :) Many decisions were made! Wow! A VICTORIOUS day! :) So happy for him!

Before I go… here are some photos of Aunt Betty! We celebrated her bdae after cg on Fri. She’s a NATURAL when it comes to posing! :) Check this out!





Aunt Betty, You’re a SUNFLOWER in the cg… A TREASURE!


ED said...

thanks for your encouraging words!

Hope the HP works out well!

Jo said...

Greater things to come!!! :)