Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sentosa Island Fun!

The cg went to Sentosa on 19.07.08 (Sat)

We had great fun in the SUN, SAND & SEA!

To start off... We played 1,2,3 JUMP!

Followed by "DOG & BONE"


Towards the end... Guess what are we doing?

Digging a hole in the sand for...?

Our birthday boy and girl MOSES & LI JUN whose birthday fall on the same day- 23rd Jul!

Stanley creatively drew a shirt for Moses...

Da Da!!!

Overall, I think the Connect Group Leaders JING, MOSES, SELENA & YAN MING did a SUPERB job!
We carefully worked out the plan one week before the actual day... BRAINSTORMED ideas, REHEARSED game instructions, ROLE-PLAYED "Game Master" and "Players", PRAYED & FASTED together for a successful event!
I took a risk, let them run the show, with each hosting his/her item while the rest of cngls be there for one another. In the end, I'm happy all stepped out from their comfort zone and rose up to the occasion! I could see the FIRE & PASSION in their eyes to make things happen!
In the end, a lot of friends came and enjoyed themselves too!
The new friends especially... were so carried away with the HIGH of the game, and a couple of them even got scratched by the sand!
While they were called aside to have their wounds tended with 1st aid, their gaze remained fixed on the court, actively updating themselves with the latest situation of the game!
As soon as the bandage was done, they sprang... yes!!! SPRANG off to return to the game! ;)
I like the spirit! Can "吃得起苦"!!!

Overall, it was a good cg outing and I'm glad the cngls & members ran the vision together with me!

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