Saturday, August 23, 2008

Midnight Jogging

Del, Garv, Su Ting, Tian Yi and I went for MIDNIGHT JOGGING at ard 11:30p.m. last Wed!
It was an impromptu idea and everyone just went for it!
I drove to Hougang to pick up Del and Su Ting, followed by Tian Yi and Garv.
After which, we settled at Bishan area for a jog.
Setting off from Garv's void deck, we ran up the slope to Guang Yang Sec, headed towards ITE Bishan, past Junction 8, along the road near flyover before finishing at the fitness station near where we started off.
It was a good 30-min "fast-speed" jog!
Estimatedly, we conquered 4-5km that night!
Pretty different from my 4-round weekly routine in the stadium/ NYJC!
To reward ourselves, we drove to Prata House in Upper Thomson road, had our usual prata fellowship before going home around 2plus.
We slept for abt 3 hours before waking up for morning PM at HOG!
Wow! Talk about walking by the spirit and not by the flesh... Haha!

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