Sunday, October 18, 2009

Esther's Wedding

This is one of the weddings I look forward to!
Some of you may not know... Esther is my 1st cgl!
She is someone I respect and ADORE!
Let me share with you some shots of the holy matrimony!

A grand sword bearer march in!
Her husband Adrian is a Singapore Navy Major! That explains why!

(Lighting the Unity Candle)

(Giving Thank-You speech!)

The wedding montage is very sweet and sincere!
The couple confessed their 1st impression of each other.
Their unexpected, out-front honesty left the crowd bursting with laughter! The love story slowly progressed to touching appreciation for each other.
Tag line of the day- "If he is not ugly or destestable... Why not?"

Well... Adrian is far from that!
This man is high in wit and can speak really well!
While Esther is a strong woman, I believe Adrian is a STRONGER man to be able to win her heart! :)

(A clever idea- Wedding Wish Tree!)

(That's my note hanging on the tree!)

(A close-up of Em & my well-wishes)

To be frank, I am scared of Esther in the past.
I think she is VERY fierce!
Growing up in the Lord, I remember telling her cg helper Meiling a lot of things instead of confiding to her. But yet, I love her!
I look forward to cell group meeting each week!
Worship is AWEsome and her preaching is POWERFUL!
She made the bible come ALIVE and those WORDS IN SEASON never failed to hit the nail on the head and bring abt change in my heart!
What can I say? ANOINTED!
Other than preaching, discipleship is one of her many fortes!
When I was on my way home from school one day, she called.
Because it was so noisy on the bus, I had to alight at the next bus stop just to listen to her.
At the end of the call, she left me dumbfounded at the bus stop.
That day, I had my 1st painful lesson on FAITHFULNESS.
Welcome to Esther's school of ONION-PEELING! 领教吧!
She will tackle all points, get to the root cause, present the problem straight to your face, leave you nothing to say but admit "defeat" and accept responsibilities to change!
More often than not, one will tear after the onion is peeled...
There are some who cannot handle her discipleship, but those who can, eventually emerged stronger out of it!
Call me masochistic! I love discipleship!
The more she "sorts things out" with me, the more I love her!
To be honest, chastenings r NOT EASY TO BEAR and believe me, "wrongful suffering" can be the unwanted twin at times.
And when that happens... I will turn to God for "sayang"...
Proverbs & 1 Peter 2:18-21 especially brought me through my growing up years!
Gradually, I hv learnt to treasure words of wisdom spoken over my life!
I told myself if I want to learn, I better learn fast!
Life is worth more than to make the same mistakes again and again...
During one the meetings before cg multiplication, Esther went about laying hands on different ones and when she reached me, she knelt down and leaned her head upon mine.
This was the 1st time I felt so close to her...
I felt God's love and HER LOVE. That day, I cried heavily in God's presence!
I could not bear to "part" with this mentor- someone who set a strong Christian foundation in my life! But, I had to move on!

Things I keep in mind...
- Put your hands to the plow and not look back
- Swear to your own hurt and does not change
- Be faithful and do things with a spirit of excellence

Everyone has "SUPERHEROES" in their life and I boldly said...
"She is ONE of mine!"

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