Monday, October 13, 2008

Scan, Pay, Go

I went to Cold Storage, Great World City to grab some groceries some time back.

After picking my items, I quickened my steps to the cashier counter.
WOAH!!! Long queues everywhere!

What's in my left hand? Two apples and a bag of worms!
Definitely not worthwhile to wait sooo long to buy a few things!

Craning my neck, I'm determined to find the shortest lane!

A green board caught my attention... .... Scan, Pay and Go!
Hmm... Sounds good!

Like what the name suggests, I can simply scan the items, make payment using Nets/ Credit Card, and then off I go!

However, this system has some drawbacks...

I bought two apples that did not come with a barcode.
As a result, the assistant had to step in, punch some codes to retrieve price.
After which, she hastily left to attend to another customer.

Coming out from the supermarket, I saw one hand carrying Cold Storage plastic bag while another- an extra bag of worms!

O NOoo!!! I accidentally took another bag of worms w/o paying for it!
Afraid to get into unnecessary trouble, I left the item at a nearby cashier counter.

While walking back to the office, I thought about what happened...
No sensor to detect pilferage? How risky!

By the way, if you are wondering what are these "worms" I bought...
Da da!!!

These are candies made in Australia.
It was 1st introduced to me by Jerb about 1-2 years ago...
I am hooked to it since then!
I like to bite it... bit by bit... as if I am eating french fries.
The red-yellow combination is my favourite.
Usually, I will eat all colors and leave the green ones behind cos they are just too sour & zesty! Causes me to squirm!!! Ha ha

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