Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jogged to Kovan!

Just returned from jogging! Refreshed!

I changed my usual route; jogged from Sgoon to Kovan instead!
This is relatively EASY cos some courses are downhill.

Feeling no kick, I purposefully lengthened the journey by circling around Hougang interchange before finishing at Selegie Soya Bean to have a bowl of soya bean curd!

Next... Should I take a bus home or walk back?

Guess my option?






I walked back...
while praying in the spirit along the way.

I past by "Helping Hands".
Peering through the fence, I saw a big brown dog!
As I continued walking, I realised the main gate was wide-open!

Breaking into cold sweat, my survivor instinct taught me to walk on the road instead of the pavement so that I could stop a car and ask for help just in case the dog pounced on me.

At that moment, I'm glad I wasn't jogging.
Had the dog saw me jog, he might have run after me!
Anyway, the dog minded his own biz and did not come out frm the house. *PHEW*

However, I did not let down my guard.
While walking, I kept turng back... just to check if the dog came out!
Thank God it did not.

When I reached my void deck, it started POURING!!!
Yup! Not drizzling but POURING!!!
Glad it rained only AFTER I reached home!
God is good! :)

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