Monday, November 5, 2007

You'all Way Too Beautiful...

What causes me to blog?

Hee... Cos I simply can't contain the joy within!
My cg + rest of the powerpuff girls are juz sooooo BEAUTIFUL ppl...
They gave me a pleasant BDAE SURPRISE at 11pm+ last night!

After Lusi "tricked" me to the void deck to make a "confession"...
The "gang" suddenly appeared from behind and started singing "You're way too beautiful girl..."

("Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston)

Woo... I never expect this!
I like the song cos of the CATCHY TUNE and Johnson CREATIVELY MODIFIED the lyrics to a more POSITIVE note!
The choir team consistg of Amelia, Johnson, Pree, and the Powerpuff Girls- Diana, Leny, Lusi, Steffy & Santy SING & SWAY to the rythmn, w the accompaniment of guitar playing by Aaron and Garv!
At the end of the performance, they brought out a BIG arm-length frame, decorated w lovely photos which captured the wonderful times we had together, as a cg!

Hey!!! U guys... ROCK!

Johnson- "Rocker" of the grp
Pree- for yr "random" words of inspirations ("A step for Pree, but a LEAP for Joanne")
Aaron- owaz being there 4 me!
Garv- yr guitar skills & yr gentle, reassurg smile...
Amelia- the camera + video woman
Diana- coming all the way down after celebg yr bdae
Leny- sweet & gentle smile
Santy- yr powerful singg
Steffy- yr captivating singg and the painstaking effort to write so many "Joane" in the frame
Lusi- u made it POSSIBLE! despite it all... this week...

Powerpuff Girls- Individual is a blessing, together is a BUNDLE of JOY! Who can resist all of you?

"You'all way too BEAUTIFUL... That's y it'll always work....
You made me Edified yo... Superfied yo... when I thought it is over..."

Thanks for this special night... Star Throwers!

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